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Norwegian translation and investigation of interrater reliability of the Infant Motor Profile

The purpose of the study is to translate the Infant Motor Profile (IMP) into Norwegian (IMP-NV) and to explore its inter-rater reliability between three different raters with diverse seniority of clinical practice within pediatric physical therapy.


Main content

The IMP will be translated according to principles of the Committee for Translation and protocols of the International RDC/TMD Consortium Network. The inter-rater study will be performed on data from 50 infants, where half of the participants are in risk of a delayed motor development.

The Infant Motor Profile (IMP) is based on ideas of the Neuronal Group Selection Theory.The assessment tool emphasize on quality, variability and fluency of the children’s motor repertoire. IMP is used to assess motor development in infancy, for infants with more or less typical development aged 3-18 months or until independent walking, implying that the IMP can be used beyond 18 months of age for children with moderate to severe developmental motor disorders. The test is based on a 15-minute video recording, where the infant’s motor behaviour is observed whilst supine, prone, sitting, standing, walking and during reaching and grasping, depending on the age of the infant.

The project started in September 2015 and will continue until July 2017

Contact person:
Kine Melfald Tveten
e-mail: kine.tveten@uib.no phone. 905 11 893


Professor, Dr. Philos Liv Inger Strand
Post Doc, Tove Dragesund