Economic Geography, Regional Development and Planning


The Green Economies Network held an international workshop with invited researchers and PhD-students at Bjørnefjorden Guesthouse nearby Bergen on the 13th and 14th of November 2014.

From left: Patrik Ström, Andrew Jones, Brita Hermelin, Håvard Haarstad, Grete Rusten, Xiangxuan Xu, Christian Schulz, Helge Lea Tvedt, Britta Klagge and Sebastian Reimer.

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The participants in The Green Economies Network are all within economic geography doing research on Services and the Green Economy and coming from universities in Germany, Luxembourg, the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Norway to discuss their papers and plans for a book. The event was hosted by Grete Rusten, University of Bergen along with the organizing committee with Brita Hermelin, Linköping University, Andrew Jones, City University London and Patrik Ström, Göteborgs University.

To be able to meet to discuss our joint research interests have been quite important for the further development of this research community which was initiated through the first workshop held at Stockholm University on the 15th of November 2011. Later events have included organized sessions at various international conferences, and received funding from RESER, European Association for Research on Services in 2012. This second workshop has been sponsored by Statoil (Academic Agreement with University of Bergen).