Research group on Quality, Safety and Outcome after Surgery and Critical illness (ROSC)

International collaboration

ROSC is involved in several international collaboration projects.

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International research

Main content

  •  Severe sepsis.
    Collaboration with RG in Uppsala on the use of Hemoperfusion in severe sepsis (multicentre RCT)
  • Quality and safety in surgery
    Collaboration with RG in the Netherlands and London with regards to the use of checklists in Surgery

  • Outcomes after intensive care
    Collaboration with RG at the University of Liverpool and with ESICM section on Health Research and Outcome
    Collaborators with other Scandinavian ICU registries, mainly Finland (Intensium) and Sweden (SIR)

  • Outcomes after major surgery
    Collaboration with RG in London (EUSOS) and with ESICM section on Postoperative Intensive Care

  • SCCTG: Scandinavian Critical Care Trials Group
    Collaboration with RG around Scandinavia organised by a RG in Copenhagen. Multicentre RCT on various treatments in Intensive care. Two publications in NEJM, one 2012, and one October 2014.

  • European collaboration in development of indirect calorimeter