Research group on Quality, Safety and Outcome after Surgery and Critical illness (ROSC)

Dissertations from the group

Dissertations from the group.

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  • Eirik Søfteland: Thesis UiB: Porcine Platelet Activation: Aspects on Diving and Establishing an Animal Model. UiB 2002.

  • Reidar Kvåle. Thesis UiB : Long-term outcomes after intensive care. UiB 2004

  • Atle Ulvik: Thesis UiB: Long-term oucome after major trauma. UiB 2008

  • Kristian Strand: Thesis UiB: Severity of illness and short-term outcomes in Scandinavian intensive care medicine. UiB 2011

  • Johan Torgersen: Thesis UiB: Cognitive impairments after critical illness. UiB 2011

  • Arvid Haugen: Thesis UiB: Impact of a surgical checklist on safety culture, morbidity and mortality. UiB 2014.