Tissue Engineering
Faculty Day 2016

Research prizes for the Tissue Engineering group

Cecilie Gjerde and Salwa Suliman from the Tissue Engineering group received prizes for their research.

Prize winners
Øverst fra venstre: Stian Knappskog (Falchs juniorpris), Nina Langeland (dekan), Frode S. Berven (Falchs juniorpris), Ole Frithjof Norheim (årets publikasjon), Olav Tenstad (undervisningsprisen). Foran fra venstre: Jutta Dierkes (internasjonaliseringsprisen), Cecilie Gjerde (formidlingsprisen), Aurora Martinez (årets forskningsgruppe), Astrid Blystad (studiekvalitetsprisen) og Salwa Suliman (årets ph.d.-arbeid).
Anne Sidsel Herdlevær

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The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry celebrated Faculty day on Friday June 10th with the distribution of educational and research prices at an exciting and eventful program. The following research prizes were awarded to members of the Tissue Engineering group:

Prize for outstanding scientific communication in 2015:

Cecilie Gudveig Gjerde, PhD-candidate

This was the first time the communication prize was awarded to a PhD-candidate. Cecilie was also the winner of the national finals of the Researcher Grand Prix 2015, for her work on "building bone with stem cells" - the first systematic clinical study in Europe of regenerating patients' jaw bones using their own stem cells. 

Prize for best PhD thesis in 2015:

Salwa Suliman, Researcher

Title: "Bioactive copolymer scaffolds for bone tissue engineering. Efficacy and host response

The evaluation committee believed that the work was of "outstanding quality from a scientific point of view" and that it was clear that the candidate had put much effort into the planning and execution of the experiments. 

Many congratulations to the winners!