Environmental toxicology

The dCod project participated in conferences

In September, dCod-members from Bergen travelled to two different conferences in Barcelona, Spain. As well as gaining insight into the most recent research, they also had the chance to meet old and new friends.

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The first conference was the 30th New European Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry Congress (ESCPB 2016), September 4.-7. Here, European scientists gathered to present new findings and discuss experiences. Marine organisms and toxic effects were the topics of many of the oral and poster presentations, and illustrated the actuality of the dCod project. Impressingly, PhD student Libe Aranguren received an award for her poster on precision-cut liver slices. Congratulations! Marta Eide and Odd André Karlsen held platform presentations about the chemical defensome of cod and the results from an exposure study using PCB153 (part of the iCod 2.0 project). We also took the chance to meet our friends and dCod partners at the CSIC: Cinta Porte, Maria Blanco Rubio, Denise Fernandes, and Elisabet Perez-Albaladejo.

The following week, September 16.-20., the 17th International Conference on Systems Biology took place. Scientists from all over the world presented their work on the new and exciting field of system biology. The dCod project was represented by Fekadu Yadetie (Dept. of Bio), Fatemeh Ghavidel (Dept. of Inf) og Guttorm Alendal, Shirin Fallahi og Håvard Frøysa (all from Dept. of Math). Rune Kleppe from the Centre for Digital Life Norway participated also. Fekadu Yadetie presented poster on results from the PCB153 exposure study.