Welcome to IllustraVis09, an interdisciplinary gathering on illustrative visualization, 3rd and 4th of June 2009.

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Twelve invited talks and a panel discussion form the program of IllustraVis09. The event is held in the Vilvite Center, on 3rd and 4th of June 2009, organized by the Visualization Group (Department of Informatics, University of Bergen). Our intention is to host a discussion arena for experts and interested audience from different disciplines that play important role in application of illustrative visualization in science.

We invite first-class speakers from

  • the international visualization research community,
  • professional medical and geological illustrators, and
  • experts from medical, oil&gas, and earth science field from the Bergen area.

We have intentionally selected speakers from different areas to achieve a melting pot effect for generating novel views on particular domain problems from medicine a oil&gas field, possibly utilizing illustrative visualization technology. We have designed the character of the event as a sandwich layout, where the main focus is the visualization technology, which is from one side driven by the needs of respective domain and is inspired from another side by creativity from illustration.

The seminar is planned for two days with twelve presentations and a panel discussion. For the first day we plan four talks on fundamentals in illustrative visualization. The second day will be dedicated to relating illustrative visualization to the application of this new visualization technology, primarily in the oil & gas sector and in medicine.

Organization of this event will be impossible without generous support of StatoilHydro, Research Council of Norway, Christian Michelsen Research, NORSIGD, MedViz Network, and Department of Informatics, UiB.