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Film, Television, and Visual Culture research group at NECS Oslo 2023

Members from the research group for Film, Television, and Visual Culture to present at this year's NECS conference in Oslo, 13.-17. June

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At this year's NECS - European Network for Film and Cinema Studies conference in Oslo, the research group for Film, Television, and Visual Culture at the University of Bergen is extremely well represented!

The following panels take place on Thursday, June 15th 2023:

Asbjørn Grønstad will chair Animation and the Limits of Care, where Samantha Hatten is presenting "The Bear is Other: Nonhuman metaphors in animation".

At Microutopias and the Ethics of Care, Asbjørn Grønstad will present "Toward an Ethics of Inconvenience", Øyvind Vågnes will present "Brilliant Stacks of Cans: Baumbach's DeLillo", and external member Henrik Gustafsson (The Arctic University in Norway) will present "Archaeology & Imagination". This panel is sponsored by the CCVA Workgroup.

At Visual and Archival Methodologies of Care, Synnøve Marie Vik will present "Photography and forestry – Power and care". 

At Place, Location, and Society, Henriette Rørdal will present "Rethinking Care in Chloe Zhao’s Nomadland". 

At “Feeling with”: Empathy and Screen Media Fictions, Anders Lysne will present "Affective Futures and Queer Ecologies: Jao Pedro Rodrigues' Will-o’-the-Wisp".

On Saturday, June 27th 2023:

Richard Misek will be a respondent at Landscape memory.

Read the full conference program here