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Rondane, Norway | 25.-28. March 2019

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Medley photos by Rondane Høyfjellshotell and I. Medhaug

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The ACDC 10 year anniversary alumni conference will be held at Rondane Høyfjellshotell close to the entrance to Rondane National Park in Norway. 

The conference will take place on 25-28. March 2019. It will start Monday morning and finish by Thursday afternoon/evening. Consider coming on Sunday, and staying through Friday, or both!  

16 December 2018: Abstract submission and conference sign-up deadline
1 January 2019: Information on outcome of application for travel grant 
5 January 2019: 
Housing deadline 

Further information

If you have any further questions you cannot find the answers to below, please contact: acdc@uib.no

Abstract submission and conference registration  

The abstract submission is now closed.

Abstract submission and conference signup deadline: 16 December 2018


2009 - Ocean overturning
2010 - Ice-Ocean interactions
2011 - Past warm climates
2012 - Landscapes and climate
2013 - Dynamics of the last deglaciation
2014 - Dynamics of the Greenland Ice sheet
2015 - Climate and Volcanism
2016 - Centennial to Millennial scale climate change
2017 - Dynamics of the Seasonal cycle
2018 - Asymmetries in climate

Everyone who submitted an abstract has been allocated an oral presentation. 

Who can participate?

The conference is for alumni students and lecturers from the last 10 years of ACDC summer schools.

How many abstracts can I submit?

Each participant can only submit one first author contribution. 

What does the conference cost?

There is no participation fee for attending the conference. The only costs that will apply are your own traveling costs and accommodation. The food costs (lunch and dinner Monday to Wednesday + lunch Thursday) will be covered by the organisers.  

If you bring children or partners, you will have to cover the costs of both accomodation and food for them. They will however get the reduced accomodation rates.

Travel grants  

There will be a limited number of travel grants offered. Priority will be given to current students.

Everyone who applied for travel funding has been notified

How to get there

If you are coming from abroad, the easiest route to take is to get to Oslo S (Oslo Central station) and take the direct train to Otta from there. Train tickets can be booked at NSB.no

There will be organized bus transport between Otta and the venue. We recommend taking the trains leaving Oslo S at 14:02 (arriving Otta 17:34) or 16:02 (arriving Otta 19:40) on Sunday 24. March. 

On Thursday, the program will be done in due time for the 18:38 train departure from Otta to Oslo S.


Housing information

There are limited number of rooms in each category, so book early to secure your preferred room type. The room price for Sunday to Monday is at a lower rate than during the conference to encourage everyone to arrive in time for the start of the conference on Monday morning.

Deadline for booking the hotel rooms at a reduced conference price: 5 January.
After this date we cannot guarantee room availability.

For details about booking number and additional information needed, see conference sign-up comfirmation email, or email acdc@uib.no

Single room*570 NOK875 NOK
Double room*370 NOK675 NOK
4 person cabin*270 NOK375 NOK

*all prices are given per person per night.

** If you are bringing a partner, additional food costs of 295 NOK (lunch) and 425 NOK (dinner) will apply if they choose to participate in the planned meals. Breakfast is included in the room price.  

*** Kids under 4 years stay for free in their parents bed, and there are no breakfast charges. For an extra bed, it's 150 NOK. Kids between 4 and 12 years can get a half portion of lunch/dinners and pay half price.

Child care

Subsidized child care will be available if needed. Please indicate in the sign-up form if want to take advantage of this offer.  


If you need an invitation for visa purposes, please email acdc@uib.no

Cancellation Policy

You are yourself liable for any expences that occur if you cancel your participation for the conference.