Highlights from Team SapienCE 2023

Download our latest annual report and delve deeper into our discoveries and advancements, including experiences from the field in South Africa.

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ANNUAL REPORT 2023: Download the latest annual report from SapienCE Centre of Excellence to delve deeper into our discoveries and advancements.

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In 2023, the SapienCE team experienced significant growth, both in terms of research activities and new personnel, resulting in notable scientific impact. By merging climate, cognition, and archaeology research, the Centre unveiled groundbreaking insights into the evolution of early modern humans in southern Africa. Last year’s output includes numerous publications and successful collaborations, solidifying our position as a world leader in early human origins research.

We are particularly proud of our strong 2023 emphasis on outreach, popular dissemination, and education, achieved together with our partners in Norway and South Africa. This left us with currently three SapienCE-related exhibitions active in different parts of the world and many educational programmes associated with them.

Download our latest annual report to delve deeper into our discoveries and advancements.

Follow our scientists on adventurous fieldwork in South Africa and take part in the excitement of exploration and discovery. Visit our exhibitions in Bergen and Cape Town to engage with our latest findings and gain insight into the evolution of humanity. Join us on our mission to understand how and when we developed into who we are today, and what it means to be human.