Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS)
Deadline October 31, 2021

Call 1: 18 SEAS postdoctoral research fellow positions - call is closed

Shaping European Research Leaders for Marine Sustainability (SEAS) is a postdoctoral research fellowship programme for 37 fellows launched and managed by the University of Bergen.

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In this first call, open August 1 – October 31 (2021), we invite talented experienced researchers to apply for 18 fellowships. Successful candidates will be employed in 3-year fixed-term full-time postdoctoral research fellow positions at UiB. Individual contracts may, under certain conditions, be extended by up to one year if funded from other sources than the SEAS programme.

You will find detailed information about research possibilities and resources for each of the 18 SEAS postdoctoral positions linked from the table below under research areas.

All the 18 SEAS postdoctoral research fellow positions will be advertised individually in Jobbnorge, EURAXESS and linked from this webpage after August 1. Call deadline is October 31, 2021. If applying you must read the relevant Jobbnorge advertisement and the SEAS Guide for applicants thoroughly for details on elegibility and application requirements, including the mobility rules. Only applications received through the recruitment portal Jobbnorge will be considered.


All 18 research areas (positions)Affiliation(s)Mobility

Marine biogeochemical hazards

Bjerknes Center for Climate research (Geophysical institute)incoming
Early human development in coastal Southern AfricaSapienCE Centre of Excellence on Early Sapiens Behaviour (Department of Earth Science)incoming
Early human marine subsistence in South AfricaSapienCE Centre of Excellence on Early Sapiens Behaviour (Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion) incoming

Epistemic, value-based, and societal aspects of marine sustainability

Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanitiesincoming
Fish immunologyDepartment of biological sciencesincoming
Coastal ecologyDepartment of biological sciencesincoming
Marine natural product chemistryDepartment of Chemistryincoming
Marine geologyDepartment of Earth Scienceoutgoing
Deep-sea mineral resourcesDepartment of Earth Scienceincoming
Ocean observation technologyDepartment of Earth Scienceincoming
System dynamics and ocean-human interactionsDepartment of Geographyincoming or outgoing
Topological and geometric machine learning for marine sustainabilityDepartment of Informaticsincoming or outgoing
Mathematical and statistical methods for marine sustainabilityDepartment of Mathematicsincoming or outgoing
Optical ocean technologyDepartment of Physics and Technologyincoming
Working conditions for maritime workersDepartment of Psychosocial Scienceincoming or outgoing
Regulatory and governance challenges related to ocean sustainabilityFaculty of Lawincoming or outgoing
Marine aspects related to human healthDepartment of Clinical Medicine or Department of Clinical Scienceincoming or outgoing
Physical fjord oceanographyGeophysical Instituteincoming