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Gambling and video game problems in the general adult population in Norway 2019

Project leader: Ståle Pallesen

CollaboratorsThe Norwegian Gaming Authority

The population survey will look at these topics:

  • Prevalence of problem gambling in Norway.
  • Games in the area between video games and gambling, such as loot boxes.
  • Impact of marketing on gambling behavior.
  • Responsible gambling (RG) measures.
  • Risk factors for problem gambling

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Risk factors for gambling problems. Registry-based studies (REGGAM)

Project leader: Ståle Pallesen


In Norway, there are several population and health registries. One is the Norwegian Social Insurance Database, containing information about income, sick leave compensation, disabilitypension and marital status. Other registries are the Norwegian Prescription Database, monitoring all drugs dispensed by prescription in Norway. Further registries are the Norwegian Patient Registry (NPR), covering all inpatient and outpatient hospital care in Norway containing detailed data on diagnoses and the Norwegian Population Registry holding information about, among other things, citizenship of all people living in Norway. We aim to link data from these registries, to Norsk Tipping player-account data that the company has collected from all players since 2009. Linking of data will be conducted by Statistics Norway, after approval of the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. Through this we will objectively investigate how potential risk factors such as age, gender, change in marital status, ethnicity, income, sick leave, unemployment, disability pension, dopamine agonists, depression and use of antidepressants, and alcohol use disorder influence gambling intensity and gambling problems, longitudinally.


Esport betting in Sweden and Norway: pathways into esport gambling and characteristics of esport gamblers

Project leaders: Rune Mentzoni, David Forström

The project aim is to carry out explorative studies of Swedish and Norwegian esport bettors. The focus is on the individual perspectives of esport bettors. The project will cover access to esport betting, gamers’ perception of esport and the connection between loot, trading and betting on esport. Also, included in the aim are to explore the process of becoming an esport better and to explore the similarities and differences between regular sports betting and esport betting.  A focus in the studies is to explore if the included participants started betting on esport or engaged in other types of gambling activities before 18 years of age and if this has had an impact on their gambling behavior. Furthermore, an additional aim is to compare if market composition has an influence on gambling patterns among esport bettors.

Gambling behavior in bingo halls, gambling shops and trotting lanes 

Project leader: Eilin K. Erevik

The project aims to provide more knowledge gambling behavior in bingo halls, gambling shops and trotting lanes. 

The social cost of gambling in Norway

Project leader: Tony Leino

The project aims to investigate the social costs and benefits of gambling in Norway.

Problem gambling, comorbidity and suicide: A registry-based approach

Project leader: Tony Leino


Problem gambling, risk factors and suicide: A literature review and meta analysis

Project leaders: Tony Leino, Eilin Erevik


The Norsk Rikstoto project

The study aims to investigate the gambling behavior among those who gambles with the Norwegian National Tote (Norsk Rikstotto). The sample consisted of the 500 gamblers that are among Norsk Rikstotto most active gamblers and a control group matched on sex and age.

Structural game characteristics, reward schedules and gambling behaviour

The study aims to investigate the relationship between different game structures and gambling behaviour. How different game features influence gambling behaviour and the relationship between monetary outcomes and gambling behaviour over time.