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All of UiB’s PhD-candidates must register every semester to confirm that they are active in the doctoral education. The registration takes place through a web-portal, studentweb, where candidates can update and keep track of their individual doctoral education agreement, the training component and general progress in the doctoral training.

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You access the portal by going to studentweb.uib.no and logging on with username and password or your Norwegian personal identification number and pin code.

Once you have logged on, "Start registration for PhD" and complete the five steps. Please see the guidelines below for important information to be aware of during your registration. 

The PhD-registration must be completed within 1 September in the autumn semester and 1 February in the spring semester.

Guidelines and advice on PhD-registration

Here follows explanations to some elements in studentweb – to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and increase the benefits of this tool.

Study Plan

In the second step, "Study plan", you can update and save your plan for doctoral education. You can register for a course by using the function "Course search". Please note that you can only register for courses at UiB through this function.

Status and overview

In the third step, “Status and overview” you will see your completed and planned courses. This will give you information on achieved credits, how many credits and what kind of courses you need to complete the training component. The plan includes all the obligatory elements you must complete as a PhD-candidate (Ph.D. agreement, Philosophy of Social Sciences, Methodology, Academic Theory, Dissemination and Thesis).

Choose the page “PhD” and control the information about the PhD Agreement:

"Employer": this field displays the name of your employer during your research fellowship. The field will not display the name of employer(s) after your fellowship has come to an end.

"Supervision": Please check that the name(s) displayed are correct

Regarding "Period of contract" and "Time Account":

In cases where you in writing have been admitted an absence of leave that leads to an extension of your fellowship, please check that the last date displayed under "period of contract" is corresponding with this information.  

Please note that information displayed under "Time Account" is mainly used for statistic and reporting purposes. This information is not necessarily in direct relation to the actual personal data from your employer. However, if you do note irregularities under "Time Account", please inform the Faculty about the issue.

Candidates with another employer than the Faculty of Social Sciences must submit information to the faculty if the fellowship is extended.

In order to proceed, you must push "Finalize". To finish, please remember to go through all five stages. If you have any questions or remarks regarding the education plan, the information under the banner "Frequently asked questions" may be useful. If you still are in doubt after reading the information below, we ask you to nonetheless push "Confirm plan" and direct your question or remark to the faculty:

Frequently asked questions

What about courses taken other places than UiB?

Documentation on external courses must be sent to the faculty after its completion. The candidate must attach a form for approval for each external course. These courses are registered and approved manually by the department/faculty. You will find more information on the subject at the faculty web-site about the training component.

How is the academic dissemination approved?

The sub-part academic dissemination will be displayed as an obligatory element to be carried out in the second-to-last semester. Academic dissemination will have the code FORMIDLSV900. You can change the semester when you plan to complete the dissemination part. When you consider the academic dissemination to be completed you add all relevant activities on a dedicated form. Academic dissemination is registered and approved manually by the department/faculty. You will find more information on the subject at the faculty web-site about the training component: web-site about the training component

Why do not completed courses show in the education plan?

If you have submitted documentation for completed external PhD-courses and they do not appear in you researcher training plan within reasonable time, contact your PhD coordinator at the faculty. The faculty continuously enters new documentation, but this is a demanding process and candidates must therefore expect it to take some time before all education plans are fully up-to-date.  

Who does PhD registration apply to?

All candidates, including candidates admitted the same year, must register. PhD registration also applies to external candidates who have been admitted to doctoral education at the faculty of social sciences. PhD candidates who are on leave of absence or are absent for other reasons must also complete the PhD registration in order to confirm that they are still in the doctoral education, explaining that they are on leave of absence or are absent for other reasons.

What if the training component already has been approved?

All candidates must register. If the whole training component has been approved, you will only need to check information relating to other aspects than the training component, and confirm that you still are an active candidate.    

What is the deadline for registration?

All candidates must register before 1 September in the autumn semester and before 1 February in the spring semester. It is possible to register for PhD-courses after this date on Studentweb, but all candidates must register before the date mentioned in order to be regarded as active PhD-candidates.

What about semester fee?

Most PhD-candidates are employed as research fellows and therefore exempt from paying the semester fee. Candidates with a quota fellowship will continue to pay the semester fee.

Good luck!