The Museum's Administration

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Administrasjon, Villaveien 1a

The administration for the University Museum is located in Villavn. 1A, and provides joint services within administration and finance, assessment and development work, personnel matters and other administrative support services.

Employees in the administration:

Wenche Førre, Deputy Director. Area of ​​responsibility: Head of administration. Deputy Director.

Vita Gavare, Senior Consultant. Area of ​​responsibility: Finance / project finance

Karen Marie Heimvik, Senior Consultant. Area of ​​responsibility: HR

Jo Høyer, Senior Adviser. Area of ​​responsibility: Internal information, HSE and emergency preparedness 

Liv Jorun Oma, Advisor. Area of ​​responsibility: Faculty finance, controller, budget and accounting 

Jan Eivind Thorseth, Senior Consultant. Area of ​​responsibility: Purchasing and invoice 

Andreas Wefring, Senior Advisor. Area of ​​responsibility: Finance / project finance