The Museum's Administration

Thank you for your efforts at the analysis workshop on Aug 26!


We would like to thank all the participants who quickly changed from the planned event at Hotel Ørnen to a digital workshop. We are very happy that so many of you participated, with 68 participants in total online, against 77 who were registered for the original event at Ørnen. Despite some technical problems with connections in the beginning for some of you, the project group are very satisfied with the day.

The main purpose of the workshop was to present your respondence trough the mapping phase, as well as to discuss various questions within the main topic “What do we find in this basis that is relevant for the future design of UM?”

We experienced that the involvement around these questions was great in the groups. Through the group work you have made valuable contributions to the work of further developing the museum.

For everyone to have a good opportunity to take a closer look at findings from the survey and the input that emerged through the group exercises, we will publish the presentation and groupwork here.

The next step will be to meet UMs “utvidet ledergruppe” and summarize the process so far and findings from the workshop. Furthermore, in week 40, a “solution” workshop with broad representation from the employees will be arranged.

The work will culminate in a report with recommendations that will be presented to the university board on Nov 26.