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Semester Registration

Studentweb is the students’ online registration service. All students must register on Studentweb at the beginning of each semester and this is also where you sign up for classes and exams.


Who:All students
Where: Studentweb
When: Deadline 1 September/ 1 February.  For exceptions, see below.
What you need: Your UiB registration numbers

Application dealine for Norwegian language courses

NOR-INTRONOR-U1 and NOR-U1/2          8 January
NOR-U2, NOR-U3, NOR-U4 and NOR-NYN1 Februaray

Important deadlines for course registration

Some courses in Mathematics and Natural Sciences         10 January
Final registration deadline1 February

If you have second thoughts about a course

If you register for a course at Studentweb, but find that you need to withdraw for any reason, it is possible to withdraw from the course up to two weeks before the exam date.

How to register for the semester

Log in at Studentweb

  • Log in with Feide
  • You need your username (format xxxx0000) and your personal password.

    You have to claim your UiB user account before you can log into Studentweb.

    Register for the semester and sign up for courses

    Click on the green button Start registration.

    1. Rights and obligations: You must confirm that you are aware of the rules and regulations that apply to students at UiB.
    2. Education plan: An overview of what you will study as part of your study period/programme at UiB. This is also where you sign up for your courses.
    3. Status and overview: Check that you have signed up for both classes and exams in the courses you will take.
    4. Profile: Update your profile, including your semester address and emergency contact person.
    5. Confirmation: A confirmation will appear, and that means you have completed your semester registration.

    Semester address (your address in Norway)

    Make sure that you provide your correct postal address in Norway when you update your profile.

    • Still at home: Use the international address format and write your home address. Remember to update your semester address when you arrive in Bergen.
    • Arrived in Bergen: Use the Norwegian address format and register your postal address.

    If you live at Fantoft Student Hostel your correct postal address is:

    Fantoft Student Hostel
    P.O. Box [no.]
    5075 Bergen

    Course registration for exchange students

    Course schedules and exam dates

    Before you sign up for courses, check the course schedules and exam dates to make sure that the classes and exams for your courses do not overlap.

    You will find the course schedules (under Resources) and exam dates in the individual course descriptions of each course in the course list. From December on, you must choose Spring 2022 under Select semester.

    Course changes via the education plan at Studentweb

    You can add and remove courses from your education plan at Studentweb, either by yourself or with the assistance from UiB staff.

    • Open courses: You can add these to your education plan yourself.
    • Restricted courses: Contact the relevant faculty in one of the following ways:

    After you have completed the semester registration

    After you have completed the semester registration at Studentweb, the green button will be deactivated. You can still make changes to your education plan, sign up for or delete courses, change classes, update your profile and more, within the given deadlines.

    Navigate at Studentweb using the top menu

    When logged in, use the menu at the top of the page to navigate. To see and edit your education plan (sign up for classes and exams), choose Studies in the top menu and your programme.

    Registration assistance

    Contact the relevant faculty by email

    Courses at the Faculty ofEmail
    Fine Art, Music and DesignRegular students: studieveileder@kmd.uib.no
    Exchange students: exchange-kmd@uib.no
    HumanitiesAll students: advice@hf.uib.no
    LawAll students: law-incoming@jurfa.uib.no
    Mathematics and Natural SciencesAll students: advice@mnfa.uib.no
    MedicineAll students: info@med.uib.no
    PsychologyRegular students: advice.psyfa@uib.no
    Exchange students: exchange@psyfa.uib.no
    Social SciencesAll students: studieveileder@svfa.uib.no

    Attend the Welcome Programme

    We recommend that you attend your faculty's information meeting during the Welcome Programme if you can. Useful information about courses and registrations will be provided there.

    Visit the Student Information Centre at your faculty

    If you still need assistance, you can visit the Student Information Centre at your faculty or the International Centre UiB. We are happy to help if you have any queries.

    Services provided at Studentweb

    Start of the semester

    • from week 25 to 1 September (autumn semester)
    • from week 50 to 1 February (spring semester)

    You can:

    • Register for the semester
    • Find the semester fee payment information (if applicable)
    • Register for classes and exams
    • Register your semester address
    • Register your emergency contact person

    During the semester and after