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Register with the Police

International students must register with the local police upon arrival. Find relevant instructions below based on your citizenship.

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  • Citizens from Nordic countries
  • Students staying less than 3 months

The following information is intended for bilateral, exchange and international full degree master students. Students in other categories must make their own arrangements.

Citizens from Nordic Countries

Students from the Nordic countries staying in Norway for more than 6 months must must report move to Norway by visiting the Tax administration office for ID verification and submit a change of address notification no later than eight days after arrival in Norway.

You will find detailed information about the rights and beneficts for Nordic citizens in the following web-page.

EU/EFTA citizens

EU/EFTA citizens (short term students) who will be staying in Norway for more than 3 months will have to meet at the Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA) on the 4 September or 11 September between 09:00-10:45 and 11:45-14:30. Please make sure to allocate sufficient time as you make experiences some delays.

The online registration throught SUA's Application Portal must be completed before your visit SUA on the 4 or 11 of September.

  • Register SUA's Application Portal.
  • Bring the following documents to appointment with SUA:
    • Passport/National ID card (original). Gender must be stated in the passport/ID card.
    • Letter of Acceptance (printed copy)
    • European Health Insurance Card or other health insurance documentation (original or printed copy).
    • Personal declaration stating that you have sufficient funds to support yourself (printed and signed copy).
    • Copy of tenancy agreement.

Address: Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA) is located at Kaigaten 9 (in the city centre).

Students that cannot attent the UIB allocated appointment/ students arriving after the 11 September 2024, will have to register throught SUA's Application Portal and book an individual appointment.

Students that have a job in Norway must bring the following documents to SUA, if they need to apply for a tax card:

  • Passport/National ID card (original). Gender must be stated in the passport/ID card.
  • Contract of employment (printed copy)
  • Completed 1209 tax card form.

Non-EU/EFTA citizens that applied from home

Register and apply for a residence card

Non-EU/EFTA citizens staying in Norway for more than 3 months must register with the Bergen Immigration Office and apply for a residence card after arrival in Norway.

The letter from the Norwegian Immigration Authorities (UDI) states that you need to go to the police within 7 days after arrival. This does not apply to UIB international students. UIB students will be allocated  an individual appointment with local police on the 6 and 7 of September. Students will be notified by e-mail approx. a week before about the exact date and time of their appointment.

Please do not visit the police before the UIB assigned appointment!

Required documentation:

  • Passport
  • Address in Norway: It is extremely important that you bring your correct and complete address to the police appointmet. The address must be written as registred in the housing contract (street name, building, room number and floor). In additon you must register you PO.box.*

* We recommend that you request the police to send the residence card to the International centre. You will be informed by email as soon as your card is available. 

Students arriving after the allocated appointments in the beginning of September:

  • Book an appointment online via the UDI application portal. 
  • Meet at the scheduled time at Bergen Immigration Office and bring the required documentation. 

Opening hours:

  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 09:00-13:00
  • Tuesday from 09:00-11:30
  • The Bergen immigraton Office is closed every Friday
Students should not leave Norway or book any trips abroad, until they have obtained a valid residence card. For more information www.udi.no

Address to the Bergen Vest Police Office: Krokatjønnveien 5, 1st floor Fyllingsdalen (bus nr.4 from Olav Kyrresgate, bus stop G).

Non-EU/EFTA citizens applying from Norway

Apply for a study permit

Certain groups of students are exempt from the requirement that a residence permit must have been granted before entering Norway,

 This applies to applicants who:

  • Fulbright or the Research Council of Norway (NFR) financed students
  • Have a scholarship from a Norwegian public institution
  • Exchange agreement organised by the EU or under a bilateral agreement between a Norwegian and foreign higher education institution.
  • Have a valid Schengen visa in one of the countries in the Schengen area. This visa is valid for a max. period of 90 days*.

*Please note that registration with the Police authorities is compulsory. Information about admitted students is shared with the police authorities.  

Students without visa /residence permit in Norway that do not complete the compulsory registration within the deadline, risk being expelled from Norway and refuse entry for a period of time. For more information UDI.no expulsion

If you have any inquiry, please send us an email at incoming@uib.no

Book a personal appointment

Applications from Norway must be submitted in person to the police in the district where the student lives. You must book a personal appointment in UDI's Application portal and follow the intructions. We urge you to do it as soon as possible after arrival in Norway.


  1. Print UDI's checklist and gather the necessary documents.
  2. Apply on UDI's Application Portal and pay the application fee.
  3. Book a personal appointment in the portal at the Bergen South Police Station (Bergen Immigration Office).
  4. Hand in the application and required documents:
    • At the Bergen Immigration Office (Bergen South Police Station)
    • Address: The Bergen Immigration Office is located at Krokatjønnveien 5, 1st floor Fyllingsdalen (bus nr.4 from Olav Kyrresgate, bus stop G).

  5. The residence card will be sent directly to the student's registered address.