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Student Confirmations


There are two different kinds of student confirmations, depending on its purpose:

  • Confirmations of your student status, study period or study plan.
  • Study progress report for renewal of study permit.


Exchange students and other short-term students

All confirmations must be ordered at your faculty's information centre.

General confirmations of your student status

General confirmations can include your study period, student category, faculty at UiB and other information that you may specify.

Confirmation of arrival and departure

Arrival and departure confirmations will be signed at your faculty's information centre. In these confirmations we can only include our official semester dates, which means that the end date can be no later than 20 June/ 20 December.

Erasmus+ Learning Agreements

Learning Agreements must be submitted in the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) system or at your faculty's information centre for signatures. Learning Agreements on paper may take up to one week to issue.

Do I need a Study progress report?

You do not need a study progress report to apply for a renewal of your study pemit. Such a report is not required by UDI from students studying in Norway for only 1 or 2 semesters.

Full-degree students

All study progress reports must be ordered online (see link below).

Processing timeApproximately 2 weeks from the day you order it.
Holiday periodsApproximately 2-3 weeks from the day you order it.
Summer holidays 2019No reports will be issued in the period between 27 June till 1 August.

A satisfactory study progress is required to renew the student residence permit. Normally 30 credits per semester is deemed to be a good study progress.

As a rule, the study progress report will be issued after the student have received all the examination results for the  current semester. Therefore, students should not book an appointment with the police before the exams results are available.

Please note that satisfactory study progress is also required in order to renew the part-time work permit.

If you are delayed in your studies, you must contact your faculty in order to obtain a recommendation of extension. The study progress report cannot be issued without an extended study right.

Application for visa to countries outside the Schengen Area                        

All applications for visa to visit other countries, whether for transit, excursion or vacation purposes, must be accompanied by a student status report. Some embassies insist that the residence permit must be valid for 3 – 6 months after the scheduled visit.

It is therefore of vital importance that deadlines are observed, and that reports or statements are ordered well in advance. All report will normally be issued and sent to the student within two weeks

Student status confirmation for family reunification will not be issued during the first semester of studies.

A satisfactory study progress for the first semester of studies is required  before a recommendation for family reunification can be issued.

Please note that family reunification is a private matter between the student and the Immigrations Office (UDI). The University of Bergen cannot interfere with UDI decision.

For more information about family immigration see the UDI website

Order your study progress report/confirmation of student status

No reports will be issued in the period between 28 June till 1 August 2019.