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Exchange students and other short-term students

All confirmations must be ordered at your faculty's information centre.

Confirmation of arrival and departure

Arrival and departure confirmations will be signed at your faculty's information centre. In these confirmations we can only include our official semester dates, which means that the end date can be no later than 20 June/ 20 December.

Erasmus+ Learning Agreements

Learning Agreements must be submitted in the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) system or at your faculty's information centre for signatures. Learning Agreements on paper may take up to one week to issue.

Do I need a Study progress report?

Students studying in Bergen for 1 to 2 semester do not need a study progress report to apply for a renewal of study pemit

We do not issue study progress report or confirmation of students status for guest or Phd. visiting students. 

Full-degree students

The Division of Student Affairs is responsible for issuing the following reports/confirmation to international students admitted to full degree programs:

Reports must be ordered in advance and will be issued approximately 2 weeks from the day you order it. Please observe the deadlines.

Holiday periods

No reports will be issued in the period between 29 June -31 July.

Christmas holidays No reports will be issued during in the period between 17 December till 6 January 2021.

Renewal of residence permit: A satisfactory study progress of normally 30 credits per semester, is required to renew the student residence permit. Reports will not be issued before all the student examination results are available. Students should not book an appointment with the police before obtaining their exams results. 

Delay in your studies: If you are delayed in your studies, you must contact your faculty in order to obtain a recommendation of extension. The study progress report cannot be issued without an extended study right.

Please note that a delay of more than one year that is not related to documented illness or maternity leave will not be approved by UDI.

Part-time work permit wil not be renewed unless the student document satisfactory study progress.

We do not issue study progress report or confirmation of students status for guest students or PhD. visiting students.

Admission to a new program

Students admitted to a new study programme of higher level, must submit a copy of their admission letter when applying for renewal of residence permit. Study progress report will not be issue for this purpose. 

Admission to a second degree in Norway (master)

Please note that students admitted to a new study programme at the same level as their previous programme, will in general not be granted renewal of a residence permit unless the new program is considered deemed to be a continuation of previous studies

Yo can ask your faculty/department to issue a statement. However, it will be up to them to decide if they can consider the new study programme to be a continuation of previous studies and if they can support your application.

Students will not be granted renewal of a residence permit to start a second bachelor degree programme in Norway.