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Exam registration on Studentweb

Are you signing up for, or withdrawing from an examination? Exam registrations are handled on Studentweb.

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Confirm Education Plan

In addition to paying the semester fee, all students must confirm their education plan and register for courses and exams at Studentweb.

The education plan defines your rights and obligations as a student.

Register for exams

You register for exams at the same time as registering for the semester on Studentweb. For exam registrations after this, choose My courses from the top menu at Studentweb or Studies --> Show education plan. At both pages, as well as at the front page, you can see the courses you are already signed up for. You may add or delete courses at any time before the deadline.

You need to make sure that you do not sign up for courses that have a school exam on the same day. An overview of the exam dates can be found in the examination overview.

The deadline for registering is 1 February in the spring semester and 1 September in the autumn semester.

Late Exam Registration: In special cases you may apply for late exam registration after the semester registrations deadline. Your faculty study administration will handle this application, please contact your faculty information centre with questions.

Application Form: Application for Late Exam Registration

Do you wish to withdraw from an exam or other course assessment type?

You can cancel an exam registration or postpone the exam to another semester on Studentweb. If you, for some reason, are not able to cancel an exam registration, you can send an email to your facutly.

2 week withdrawal deadline

The deadline for withdrawing from an exam registration is 2 weeks before the date of the exam.

3 time regulation

It is possible to register for the same exam three times (with a few exceptions). If you do not withdraw from an exam registration before the withdrawal deadline, it will count as one of three possible exam registrations. Please use the application form below if you need to apply for an extra examination attempt in a course.

Application Form: Application for Additional Exam

Exam location (school exam)

You are obligated to check where and when to attend the exam. You will find the time and place for exams in the examination overview, from 14 days before the exam. At Studentweb you will find your candidate number for each exam.