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Fracture flow

The Porous Media Group educates students and researchers in the fundamental challenges associated with solving the equations that describe flow and transport in and deformation of porous media. These include the development of rigorous mathematical foundations for the empirical physical laws of fluid motion in porous media, numerical methods for solving the partial differential equations that arise, and characterisation of reservoir properties via inverse modelling based on the observed production history of a reservoir. Associated applications include e.g. geothermal energy, subsurface energy and CO2 storage, flow in biological tissues, and hydrocarbon production.

portrait of Inga Berre

Inga Berre named Argyris Visiting Professor 2023

Enhancing collaboration between SimTech, SFB 1313 and the University of Bergen

Illustrasjon for utstillingen, som viser en hånd som holder et forstørrelsesglass over jordkloden. Gjennom forstørrelsesglasset ser vi porer.

Our Porous World

Almost everything around us contain pores; the stone under your feet, the furniture upon which you sit, and even your brain is porous. In our exhibition A Porous World, researchers with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences demonstrate how we can make use of pores to solve some of...

Frontier Science
Illustrasjonsfoto av Inga Berre

Inga Berre is ERC recipient number 10,000

As grantee number 10,000 to receive funding from the European Research Council (ERC), Inga Berre will use applied mathematics in order to understand what happens underground when heat is extracted from the Earth's interior.