Bergen Summer Research School

How can your research contribute to solving global challenges?

June 8-18, 2020 at the University of Bergen

Corona update: We will organise BSRS 2020 as a virtual research school and run five of the six courses online. Note that the course on sustainable development of life below water is postponed until next summer. 

Bear with us while we repackage the content of the courses for digital platforms. We look forward to seeing you on 8 June!


Bergen Summer Research School 2020 explores the interfaces between science, society and global challenges. Six parallel courses will focus on key global challenges, including climate governance, sustainable cities, sustainable oceans, media & democracy, global food systems, and migrant health. Together with cross-cutting keynotes and social events, the courses will help 100 PhD candidates develop skills to create actionable knowledge.

Apply by February 15, 2020

Stacking rocks

Actionable knowledge to meet global challenges

How can your research contribute to solving global challenges? How do you design, conduct and communicate research to stimulate social change? And how do you create actionable knowledge?

Science diplomacy

Moments of communication: Learning science diplomacy

Last summer, the participants of Bergen Summer Research School were thrown out on the deep end: present your research in two minutes and make it relevant to a panel of diplomats and experts.

Keynote | BSRS 2020
Gulf of Mexico, United States
Jun 08

Mission-Oriented Research and Innovation for Global Challenges

In a world characterized by increased complexity, we need to assure that policy making is based on scientific evidence but that it also responds to citizens’ needs.

Keynote | BSRS 2020
Jun 09

“Climate Smart” Livestock Systems

Livestock production and consumption are controversial, in part because of the greenhouse gas emissions and land use changes to which livestock production contributes.

Keynote | BSRS 2020
Jun 11

Academic citations and fake science

Scientific publications are the last place one would expect to encounter ghosts and urban legends.

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Global challenges affect us all. Shaped by some of Bergen's best research groups, every year, the Bergen Summer Research School tackles some of the most pressing challenges facing the world.

BSRS is a joint venture under the leadership of the University of Bergen with NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Chr. Michelsen Institute and NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS.