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"Anthropology is art" says social anthropologist Andrew Lattas.

"Anthropology is art" says social anthropologist Andrew Lattas. "It is like being a novelist, putting yourself in another character's position and see the world".

The film is a glimpse of Lattas' long standing work in Papua New Guinea. He immaculately describes the kindness and imagination of people who are really poor, and their understanding of poverty in terms of their own experiences of race, class and colonialism. Sensitivity and empathy is important, as well as comedy and humor. “If you don’t have humor it’s really hard".


Engaged Anthropologists at Bergen Anthropology Day

Ongoing research, a new journal and engaged academics were central themes when The Department of Social Anthropology and the anthropologists at Chr. Michelsen Institute hosted the very first Bergen Anthropology Day.

book release

Grassroots politics in Chávez' Venezuela

Associate Professor Iselin Åsedotter Strønen's new monograph "Grassroots Politics and Oil Culture. The Revolutionary Petro-State" offers an in-depth understanding of grassroots struggles, state transformations and social change during the Chávez-years in Venezuela.


The Global Anthropology of Climate Change

Climate change is said to be the greatest global challenge of our time, but it is also a contested topic. How do we talk about these issues - from everyday life to the meetings of policy makers - and what are the consequences? Join the course SANT285 if you want to engage in discussions about...

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Egalitarianism: Forms, Processes, Comparisons

Egalitarianism and Experimentation in a new Global Reality. Read about the Egalitarianism Project here.


Dealing with the future of energy

In her new project, social anthropologist Anna Szolucha wants to look at citizen engagement in climate and energy transformation. In particular, she asks: how do you involve people from the bottom and up?