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The Faculty of Law is located in the centre of Bergen, overlooking the Bergen fjord.

At the Faculty of Law we focus on high quality research and teaching within a variety of legal areas. Our international profile is reflected both in research activities and in the substantial number of students which we have the pleasure of welcoming every semester. It is also seen in the number of students from our Faculty travelling abroad.

6th Conference on the European Association of Health Law

Welcome to 6th conference of the European Association of Health Law. The theme of the conference is “Health Rights Regulations and the Distribution of Healthcare in Europe”. The conference is organised by University of Bergen, Faculty of Law, in close co-operation with the EAHL.

Oct 25

National PhD seminar in Law (DNDS) 2017

The Faculty of Law, University of Bergen, is glad to host the National PhD seminar in Law (DNDS) 2017. The seminar will take place at Solstrand 25 and 26 October, and is suitable for both English- and Norwegian-speaking PhD-candidates.


– Love at first sight!

Franzi Walendczus from Germany certainly did not choose to study in Bergen because of the “good” weather. Despite of the weather though, she loves the city. “It was love at first sight” she says.

PhD - portrait

PhD - portrait - Lars Kvestad

Lars is doing his PhD at the Faculty of Law here in Bergen, specialising in the history of law.

International Cooperation

Extensive Cooperation with China

Global challenges facing society and the cooperation between UiB and China were key topics during the China Conference 4 May.

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