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Book release: A new volume from the “Text, Action and Space (TAS)” project and research group was presented and published in Aarhus, Denmark on 21 February: EXPLORING TEXT AND EMOTIONS (ETE). Eds. Lars Sætre, Patrizia Lombardo, and Julien Zanetta. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2014. 449 pp. (ISBN 978 87 7934 558 4).
Manuscripts from the Middle Ages are beautiful objects, written by hand on parchment made ​​of leather. A video from the University of Bergen series "Close-Up".
Earlier this autumn two new researchers were put to work on book fragments: Astrid Marner (Post-doc) and Synnøve Myking (PhD). Together with project leader Åslaug Ommundsen and the English paleographer Michael Gullick they will contribute to the knowledge about medieval book culture.
New MA students in digital culture write project proposals for their MA theses in their first semester, and it's always interesting to follow their work from idea to fully formulated proposal. Here are the topics proposed by the students who started their MAs in August 2013!
Digital Humanities is a new term in Norway, and there is still debate as to whether or not to use the name at all. Jill Walker Rettberg reports from a seminar discussing this issue held at the University of Oslo last week. She also presented the ELMCIP project to the seminar.
After a year as a Fulbright scholar at UiB, we are sorry to say goodbye to Leonardo Flores.
Linking together digital culture programs from the Nordic and Baltic region, the Digital Culture Network facilitates curriculum development, student and faculty exchanges, and innovative teaching ideas and best practices.