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Our team of teachers covers an unusually wide variety of time periods, themes and locations. To apply for a full-time study programme in archaeology, you need to be fluent in a Scandinavian language, but we also offer a broad range of courses suitable for exchange students.

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The archaeology staff covers all archaeological eras, from the Early Stone Age until contemporary archaeology. Geographically, we range from the North Atlantic, through Scandinavia, continental Europe, the Mediterranean basin, and East and South Africa.

Our BA program has a flexible structure, which mixes general courses for all students and elective courses based on the teachers’ specialisations, such as Stone Age migration, Bronze Age rock art, Iron Age metallurgy, Viking Age housing, and urban society in the Roman Empire. We also provide artefact courses for all periods to gain first-hand experience of material culture, excursions to important archaeological sites and museums in Norway and abroad, and a course on location in Rome.

The MA program provides you with the necessary education for a successful career as a professional archaeologist at a museum, within heritage management, or to continue on our PhD program to pursue a career as a researcher. We offer our master students a full field course, with the latest excavation techniques and digital equipment, in collaboration with the excavation team at the University Museum. We teach our courses on heritage management and archaeological methods together with experts from local museums and regional archaeological authorities. For work on your master thesis, the university provides you with support to visit and study archaeological material in Norway and abroad.