New Chair of the Board of AI Consortium

The University of Bergen's Inge Jonassen has been chosen as Chair of the Board of NORA - Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium.

Inge Jonassen, portrett og NORAs logo
NEW CHAIR OF THE BOARD; Inge Jonassen is chosen as the Chair of the Board of NORA, the AI consortium.
Eivind Senneset, UiB og NORA

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Inge Jonassen is Head of Department of informatics at the University of Bergen (UiB), and has now stepped up as Chair of the Board of NORA - Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium.

"NORA has done an amazing job and I look forward to working with a very competent Board as well as a great team in NORA's secretaiat, lead by Klas Pettersen. The consortium has many exciting things going on, including a new research school and excellent international collaborations, says Jonassen

Strengthening Norwegian AI research and education

NORA aims to strengthen Norwegian research, education and innovation within artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics, as well as other relevant research that supports the development of artificial intelligence applications.

NORA shall contribute in developing joint research projects between partners, NORA will take an active part in establishing start-up companies in the artificial intelligence field, as well as strengthening the collaboration between the consortium partners' research communities and the business community.

UiB confirms its central role in AI

Pinar Heggernes, Deputy rector at UiB, is one of the founders of NORA. he describes Jonassen as one of Norway's leading researchers of Bioinformatics and Machine learning. 

"Jonassen has a long and broad experience as leader of large and international projects in interdisciplinary reseach collaborations and e-infrastructure. At UiB, he has acted as centre leader of CBU, as a member of the leader group in CEDAS and now as Head of Department of informatics.

Heggernes thinks NORA will have a Chair with a strong academic position as well as strategic abilities, strengths that are vital in the further development of NORA's national position and the voice it has established in its first three years.

"I am very happy that UiB confirms its central role in Norway's most important arnea of Artifiacial Intelligence, especially considering our strong academic environments in AI across our Faculties," the Deputy rector says.