Department of Social Anthropology

New Cooperation with a Georgian University

New cooperation project with Tbilisi State University will offer anthropology students mobility grants, new anthropology course and summer school on anthropological research methods.

Tbilisi Old Town
Tbilisi Old Town
Tone Bringa
Georgian/Russian border
Georgian/Russian Border
Giorgi Cheisvhili
Georgia-Russia Friendship Monument
Soviet Monument "Georgian-Russian Friendship"
Elina Troscenko
Project members in village Sno
Project members - Ketevan Khutsishvili and Tone Bringa
Elina Troscenko
Pictures of Stalin in flee market
Flee market in Tbilisi
Elina Troscenko

Main content

New cooperation with Georgia

Representatives of the Department of Social Anthropology recently visited Georgia to launch a new cooperation project with Tbilisi State University (TSU). The project is initiated by Professor Tone Bringa from UiB and Professor Ketevan Khutsishivli from TSU, who have a long history of research collaboration.

The project “NorGePart: Norwegian-Georgian Partnership Program for Research-Based Educational Collaboration in Anthropology”, which recently received funding from DIKU (former SIU), focuses on developing joint educational activities and promoting student mobility on BA, MA and PhD levels.

Summer School on Anthropological Research Methods

One of the main activities of the project will be a Summer School on Anthropological Research Methods. The first summer school will take place in 2019 in a small Georgian town Kazbegi located in the Caucasus Mountains.Throughout the 10-day-long program, Norwegian and Georgian students will have an opportunity to gain practical experience of doing field research by participating in a mini fieldwork as well as improve their knowledge in anthropological research methods. Besides traditional methods, the students will have a possibility to gain insights into how various digital tools, such as photography and film, can be used in research.

The project will fully cover students’ expenses related to travel, accommodation and participation in the summer school.

Grants for students

In order to promote student mobility, special grants will be offered to both Norwegian and Georgian students. MA students at UiB will have an opportunity to receive fieldwork allowance for doing fieldwork in Georgia. PhD candidates from Georgia will be offered grants for research stay at the anthropology department at UiB.

"Anthropology of Post-Socialist Societies and Beyond"

Project members from both UiB and TSU will develop a new course -  “the Anthropology of Post-Socialist Societies and Beyond”. The course will be taught both at UiB and TSU giving students regional knowledge while exploring the issues of various social, political and economic transformations in the societies across the Baltics, Caucasus, Balkans, Central Asia, Ukraine and Russia.

For more information about the project and its activities, please contact project members.