Department of Social Anthropology

Trial Lecture and Public Defence: Eilin Holtan Torgersen

On September 23 2022 Eilin Holtan Torgersen will defend her doctoral thesis for the PhD Degree at the University of Bergen. The trial lecture will be held on September 22 2022.

Eilin Torgersen og framside avhandling
Eilin H. Torgersen will hold her trial lecture on September 22 and defend her doctoral thesis on September 23 2022.
Eilin H. Torgersen

Main content

The title of the thesis

"Lavaland: Vernacular Seismology in Volatile Volcanic Environments in Puna, Hawai'i"

Trial lecture

September 22, 16.15: Ulrikes aula and Zoom webinar

Assigned topic: "Towards an Anthropology of Geology: Contemporary Approaches"

Public Defence

September 23, 10.15: Ulrikes aula and Zoom webinar 


  1. Professor Nancy Lutkehaus, University of Southern California
  2. Associate Professor Alexander Mawyer, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Leader of Committee

Associate Professor Jon Henrik Ziegler Remme

The trial lecture and public defence will be chaired by Professor Cecilie V. Ødegaard


All interested are welcome!