Department of Social Anthropology

Disputations at the Department of Social Anthropology

In October this year three PhD scholars from the Department of Social Anthropology defended their thesis.

From left: Zerihun Woldeselassie (Photo: Tommy Sørensen), Janne Bjorheim Bøe (Photo: Jan Kåre Wilhelmsen) og Berit Angelskår (Photo: Private).
Tommy Sørensen, Jan Kåre Wilhelmsen og Berit Angelskår

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Zerihun Woldeselassie defended his thesis “Ethnicity: Identity and Belonging: ‘New configuration of ethnicity and Islam among the eastern Gurage of Ethiopia’” on 23 October 2015.


Janne Bjorheim Bøe defended her thesis “Women and Work- Money and Gifts. The Dynamics of Gendered Economic Adaptations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories” on 27 October 2015.


Berit Angelskår defended her thesis "A humanitarian solution to a political problem – UNRWA between globalized values and localized meaning" on 29 October 2015.