Department of Social Anthropology

Disputations at the Department of Social Anthropology

In December this year three PhD scholars from the Department of Social Anthropology defended their thesis.

Pressebildene til Marry-Anne Karlsen og Thomas Sajan
From left: Marry-Anne Karlsen (Foto: Leif Skaar) og Sajan Thomas (Foto: Paramount Studio).

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Tidligere i år leverte Marry-Anne Karlsen og Sajan Thomas sine avhandlinger og i desember disputerte begge to.


Marry-Anne Karlsen defended her thesis "Precarious inclusion. Irregular migration, practices of care and state b/ordering in Norway" on 11 December 2015.


Sajan Thomas defended his thesis "The Fear of Fever: Epidemic Persistence and Medical Authority in a Kerala Village" on 16 December 2015.