Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health (BCEPS)

Africa CDC (Centre for Disease Control) workshop for countries from West Africa

BCEPS was among the collaborators at this Africa CDC workshop on Fair Priority Setting Processes for Health Benefit Package Design/Revision held in Dakar, Senegal, November 2023.

ACDCD Workshop
Participants and panelists at the Africa CDC workshop in Dakar.
Khadim Sow (courtesy of Africa CDC)

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The Africa CDC Health Economics Program, in collaboration with Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health, the World Health Organization, and the Center for Global Development, organised a workshop on Health Benefit Package Design/Revision through fair Priority Setting Processes from 12-15 November in Dakar, Senegal.

BCEPS' participants, Marta Minwyelet and Peter Hangoma, were extremely happy with the dynamic discussions that took place at the workshop, which they consider to be a pivotal step towards evidence-informed health decisions. There was broad high-level participation as the workshop delved into the concepts of priority setting and exploree the promises, requirements, and barriers to effective implementation.

In the aftermath of the event, crucial gaps in integrating evidence-informed approaches into health benefit package design/revision have been identified and mapped, and the engagement does not stop here. Plans are underway to consolidate long-term partnerships among the participating organisations to build capacity and foster a systematic and harmonised approach towards institutionalising evidence-informed priority setting.

ACDC Workshop

BCEPS PhD Candidate Marta Minwyelet and senior researcher Peter Hangoma at the Africa CDC's workshop in Dakar.

Mieraf Taddesse