Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

Master theses submitted in 2003

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20.01.2003 Thorny Cesilie B. Andersen, H.Holmsen, O.G.Tjelsdstø: "Alkylfenolers innvirkning på glyserofosfolipider og kolesterol i torskelever"

28.01.2003 Hanne Eknes Puntervoll, R.Aasland, H.B. Jensen: "Characterisation of Trithorax Core Domain in Mouse TRX1"

19.02.2003 Stian Knappskog, I.Pryme, B.Stern, A.M.Szilvay: "A study to optimise secretion of recombinant Gaussia liciferase from transfected CHO-cells by substitution of the signal peptide and the 3'UTR"

25.02.2003 Therese Halvorsen Røst, R.K. Berge/ G.Mellgren, J.R.Lillehaug: "3-Thia Fatty Acids Inhibit MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation and Induce Ligand Dependent Coactivation of PPARs by p160 Coactivators".

28.02.2003 Hilde Kristin Garberg, K.A.Brokstad, H.B.Jensen: "Studies on the La48, Ro52 and Ro60 autoantigens and the corresponding autoantibodies in primary Sjögren' s syndrome".

07.03.2003 Tomasz Furmanek, R.Bjerkvik, A.J.Raae: "3D visualization and quantification of viability and gene expression in thick tissue samples".

14.03.2003 Eystein Oveland, I.F.Pryme/B.Stern ,A.M.Szilvay: "The use of marine luciferases in a study aiming at the secretion of intracellular proteins from mammalian cells".

06.05.2003 Kristin Jonsdottir, H.Holmsen, O.G.Tjelsdstø: "Moderne psykiatriske medikamenter: deres effekt på humane blodplater, og interaksjon med monolag og liposomer av glycerofosfolipider".

16.05.2003 Aslaug Aamodt Muggerud, V.M.Steen ,J.R.Lillehaug: "Examination of the cDNA microarray technology. Screening for lithium-induced changes in the gene expression in human thyroid cells".

16.05.2003 Vibeke Bertelsen, A.Vedeler, J.R.Lillehaug: "Studies on mRNP complexes assosiated with the cytoskeleton and on ligand of annexin A2 within these complexes".

04.06.2003 Anita Fedøy, H.B.Jensen, V. Bakken: "The alleged role of the outer membrane protein FomA of Fusobacterium nucleatum in interbacterial coaggregation".

10.06.2003 Anne Berit Ølmheim, H.Holmsen, J.R.Lillehaug: "Trifluoperazine: Effects on polyphosphoinositide metabolism in neuroblastoma cells and on glycerophospholipid monolayers".

12.06.2003 Louise Kindingstad, H.B.Jensen, J.R.Lillehaug: "Studies of Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath): The surface assosiated protein SapE and Enrichment of periplasmic proteins".

13.06.2003 Marit Krohn, H.B.Jensen, J.R.Lillehaug: "Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath): A study on a outer membrane protein complex with pore activity".

13.06.2003 Truls Marius Dale, I.F.Prymem O.G.Tjelsdstø: "Dietary phytohaemagglutinin programs early molecular changes in non-Hodkin lymphoma cells growing intraperitoneally in mice".

18.06.2003 Øyvind Kileng, L.Haarr, R.Male: "Studier av det molekylære grunnlaget for frigivelse av herpes simplex virus 2 fra den infiserte cellen".

19.06.2003 Line Merethe Myklebust, J.R. Lillehaug, Tien-sheng Huang: "Gene expression in sensitive and chemoresistant acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) cells and characterisation of the novel AML resistant associated protein (ARAP) encoding gene".

19.06.2003 Marianne Harding, J.R.Lillehaug, B.Bjørndal : "Establishment of an experimental protocol for the analysis of nucleocytoplasmatic protein trafficking in TTA-treated fibroblasts".

20.06.2003 Wiggo Johan Sandberg, H.G.Eiken, A.Fjose: "Regulering av genekspresjon ved hjertesvikt - identifisering av nye faktorer under remodellering av hjertet".

09.07.2003 Antoine Patrice Mialon, D.Chourrout, Hee-Chan Seo: "Characterisation and expression of Oikoplura dioica Otx genes".

14.08.2003 Håvard N. Henriksen, D.E.Helland, A.M.Szilvay: "Functional studies of two wild type variants of HIV-1 Tat".

29.08.2003 Kamilla Breen, R.Aasland, A.Molven: "Cooperation between the bromodomain and PHD finger of p300 in nucleosome interaction. A study of the contribution of the PHD finger".

12.09.2003 Even Fossum, L.Haarr, J.R.Lillehaug: "Studie i uttrykking av herpes simpleks reseptoren HVEM i musevev ved in situ hybridisering".

24.10.2003 Bård Ove Karlsen, E.Thompson, J.R.Lillehaug: "Developmental expression of cyclins in Oikopleura dioica".

27.10.2003 Marianne Hauglid, L.C.Olsen, R.Aasland : "Linker histone H1M protein localization during zebrafish embryogenesis".

14.11.2003 Atle Brendehaug, G.Houge / A.Molven ,R.Aasland: "SOX9 and human sex differentiation: Molecular and cytogenetic studies in a family with a case of true hermaphroditism"

09.12.2003 Cecilie Totland, M.Bakke, A.M.Szilvay : "Intracellulær lokalisering av NGFI-B I binyrebarkceller.
10.12.2003 Asta Sande Urtegaard K.J.Andersen A.J.Raae The effect of a green alga of the Chlorella type on cancer cells".

11.12.2003 Lasse Evensen, A.vedeler, A.J.Raae: "The effect of site-directed mutagenesis of recombinant full-length annexin A2 and its domain IV on binding to the 3’- untranslated region of annexin A2 mRNA".