Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

Master theses submitted in 2001

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23.02.2001 Annicke Stranda D.E.Hellend A.M. Szilvay: Functions associated with the exon I encoded region of the HIV-1 Rev protein

19.04.2001 Peter Huszthy R. Bjerkvik R. Male: Endostati-transfected cell lines for the treatment of malignant gliomas

26.04.2001 Ingeborg Hageberg J.R. Lillehaug: A search for a gene encoding a protein that inhibits K-Ras-mediated morphological transformation of mouse filtroblasts

05.06.2001 Anneli Bohne Holm Holmsen O. G.-Tjeldstø: EDTA inhibits collagen-induced platelet activation through interference with intracellular pH control and not by chelaing extracellular Mg2+

19.06.2001 Harald K. Hakvorsen R. Male R. Aasland: Cloning and characterizaion of partial estrogen receptor beta cDNA from Atlantic salmon

21.06.2001 Per Ø. Sakariassen R. Bjerkvik B.I. Haukanes: The development of Angiostatin Sectreting Cell Lines for the Therapy of Gliomas

22.06.2001 Anja Ragvin R. Aasland E. Thompson: Bromodomain/PHD finger protein interaction with chromatin. Characterisation of determinants in chromatin required for the interaction.

25.06.2001 Anja Underhaug H. Holmsen A. M. Szilvay: Chloropromazine: Stimulatory effects on human blood platelet activation and intercalation in monolayers and liposomes of glycerophospholipids

25.06.2001 Randi N. Idsøe H. Holmsen A.M. Szilvay: Significance of phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI 3K) and protein tyrosine phosphorylation in the autocrine activation of thrombin stimulated platelets.

17.08.2001 Elin Aareskjold A. Vedeler J. Lillehaug: Down-regulation of annexin A2 in PC12 cells via hairpin ribozymes or antiesense RNA

17.08.2001 Hege M. Sande J. Lillehaug A. Martinez: In vitro expression and structural characterisation of the recombinant PDGF-C

17.08.2001 Kai Ove Skaftnesmo R. Bjerkvik R. Male: Engineering Cell lines expressing Thrombospondin-1 for the Malignant Gliomas

17.08.2001 Åsne Jul-Larsen L. Haarheim A. Raae Sequenc studies of the nucleoprotein gene of avian influenza

29.08.2001 Signe M. Kleivbo B. Aasjø D.E.Helland :Sequence Analysis of Tat and V3 from R5 and X4 Type HIV-1

17.10.2001 Michael B. Marie J. Saraste A. M. Szilvay: Subcellular Localization components of the Early Secretory Pathway in Differentiation Rat Phenochomocytoma (PC12) Cells

26.10.2001 Frode Berven H. Jensen L. Haarr: The establishement and use of 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis in proteome studies of Methylococcus capsulatus(Bath)

01.11.2001 Odd Andre Karlsen H. Jensen L. Haarr: The proteome of Methylococcus capsulatus; An initial study by two-domentional gel electrophoresis

16.11.2001 Arnt Ove Hovden M. Grønvold D.E.Helland: The influence of CXCR4 on Maedi Visna virus-induced syncytium formation

06.12.2001 Audny Hellebø J. Lillehaug A. Raae: The study of ERK activity in RACK 1 transduced C3H10T1/2 C 18 cells

06.12.2001 Christina Tolfsen A. Goksøyr O. G.-Tjeldstø: Biomarkør-responser i primærkulturer av hepatocytter fra laks (Slmon salar L) Eksponert for -naftoflavon Anvendelse av protteomteknolgi i økotoksikologiske studier på fiskeceller

12.12.2001 Carol Issalene T. Flatmark D.E.Helland: An Insight into the in vivo regulation of mitochondrial biogenesis. Expression and characterisation of a recombinant human mitochondrial thymidine kinase