Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

Master theses submitted in 2006

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13.01.2006 Vegard Øverås Lied (B.T.Walther): "The Endoprotease Zonase from Salmo salar. Purification and characterization of Zonase isozymes".

09.02.2006 Annette Katharina Brenner (H.B.Jensen, Nils Åge Frøystein/Johan R. Lillehaug/Odd Andre Karlsen): "The haemerythrin of Methulococcus capsulatus ( Bath ); a structutal study using physical-chemical methods".

03.03.2006 Saima Zahid Butt (A.Aragay, A.M.Silvay):"Internalization of CCR2 receptor in HEK293 cells".

16.03.2006 Bjarte Hallvard Hesjevoll (R.Male, A.Goksøyr): "Kloning, ekspresjon og funksjonalitetstesting av aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator (ARNT) fra Atlanterhavslaks (Salmo salar)".

05.05.2006 Thomas Ve (H.B.Jensen, J.R.Lillehaug
/A.Fjellbirkeland): "Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath);The copper and calsium binding properties of the MopE* protein".

21.06.2006 Natalia Larsen (A.Fjose, H.C.Seo): "Analyse av ekspresjon og funksjon til Six3-lignende gener under utviklingen av øyne og hjerne hos sebrafisk".

21.06.2006 Mariann Eilertsen (H.C.Seo, A.Fjose /J.V.Helvik): "Comparative analysis of the zebrafish homeobox genes six3a and six3b by in situ hybridisation indicates subfuntionalisation and a role in specification of neurons".

26.06.2006 Lene Christin Olsen (B.Stern / I.Pryme, R.Aasland): "The Influence of Native and Vector-Derived Sequences in Transcripts on mRNA Targeting and Levels of Synthesis and Secretion of Gaussia Luciferase".

12.07.2006 Line Agledal (M. Ziegler, C.Dölle): "Suborganellar localisation of proteins involved in mitochondrial energy metabolism".

12.07.2006 Emilia Lohndal (M.Zielger, M.Niere): "An approach to modulate cellular poly(ADP-ribose) levels by means of RNA interference".

18.07.2006 Jane Kristin Nøstbakken (M.Ziegler, N.Pollak): "Overexpression of human NAD+ kinase and its effect on oxidative stess in HEK 293 cells".

22.08.2006 Martina Schmid (E.Thompson, M.Ziegler): "Identification of Two Polo-like Kinase 1 Paralogs with Different Expression Profiles in the Chordate Oikopleura dioica".

26.09.2006 Henriette Christie Ertsås (B.Åsjö, R.Aasland): "Investigation of markers as a method of measuring CD4 and CD8 immune recovery during HAART".

13.10.2006 Hans Kristian Leren (B.T.Walther, A.Fjose): "Identity, characteristics and classification of proteins in hatching fluid from Atlantic salmon".

14.12.2006 Inderjit Kaur Daphu (K.J.Andersen, A.J.Raae): "A study on the effect of Resveratrol and Viola odorata extracts on brain tumour cells".

21.12.2006 Ragnhild Skinnes (E.Thompson, A.J.Raae): "Developmental expression patterns of oikosin genes in the epithelium of Oikopleura dioica".

08.01.2007 Ingar Bruheim (A.Goksøyr, B.E.Grøsvik): "Proteomstudiar av plasmaprøver frå torsk Eksponert for MEHG og PCB153".