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Week 22

Today 28th May (1)

Nordic Developmental Biology Societies & Michael Sars Symposium Joint Meeting (Conference)
Starts - Event ends at 31.05.2024

Friday 31st May (2)

Nordic Developmental Biology Societies & Michael Sars Symposium Joint Meeting (Conference)
Dr. Laura Hankins, Reviews Editor at Development (Seminar)

Week 23

Monday 3rd June (2)

PhD trial lecture, Giulio Rosano: Analysis of protein structure: An overview of state-of-the-art methods and their applications (Trial lecture)
Trial Lecture: Giulio Rosano (Trial lecture)

6th June (2)

Trial Lecture: Aishwarya Ravi (Trial lecture)
Ph.d. prøveforelesning, Lecture Aishwarya Ravi: Autophagy during nutrient starvation - cellular and molecular mechanisms (Trial lecture)

7th June (1)

Dr. Savani Anbalagan from the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland. (Seminar)

Week 24

14th June (2)

CeSAM Journal Club #7: Incorporating diverse values of nature in decision-making (Meeting)
Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Giulio Rosano (Disputation)

Week 33

16th August (1)

Prof. Maurice Elphick, Queen Mary University of London, UK (Seminar)

Week 34

23rd August (1)

Prof. Nils Brose, Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences (Seminar)

Week 35

30th August (1)

Dr. Patrick Lemaire, Centre de Recherche en Biologie Cellulaire de Montpellier, France (Seminar)

Week 39

27th September (1)

Dr. Tessa Montague, Columbia University, USA (Seminar)

Week 43

25th October (1)

Dr. Sheena Tiong, University of Malaya, Malaysia (Seminar)

Week 45

8th November (1)

Dr. Karen de Jong and Dr. Lise Doksæter Sivle, IMR (Seminar)

Week 47

22nd November (1)

Dr. Romain Levayer, Institut Pasteur, France (Seminar)

Week 48

26th November (1)

Student Poster Symposium at BIO - Autumn 2024 (Event)

Week 49

2nd December (1)

BIO Teachers' Retreat 2024/ BIO Lærersamling 2024 (Workshop)
Starts - Event ends at 03.12.2024

Week 50

13th December (1)

Prof. Ana Širović, NTNU, Norway (Seminar)