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Week 37

Today 15th September (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 38

Tuesday 17th September (1)

Mendeley Workshop (Workshop)

Thursday 19th September (1)

Ph.d. trial lecture Hoang Thi My Dung Le: Apetite regulation in teleost fish (Trial lecture)

Friday 20th September (1)

Ph.d. trial lecture Atabak Mahjour Azzad: Mercury in large predatory species such as tuna – what are the human health risks? (Trial lecture)

Week 39

26th September (1)

Seeking comfort in the Viking Age – Identification of Archaeological Plant Fibre Textiles (Guest lecture)

Week 42

16th October (1)

Workshop on EndNote X9 in Høyteknologisenteret (Workshop)

Week 44

31st October (1)

Skrekk og gru - Bergen Horror Story (Guest lecture)