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Week 04

Today 26th January (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 05

Tuesday 1st February (1)

Patrick Alexander Nelson: Characterization of CD4+ T-Cell Subsets and Responses in Cyclopterus lumpus (Seminar)

Week 06

8th February (1)

Anna Abrahamsen: Investigation of the interaction between Arc and PABP using HEK293 and SH-SY5Y cell lines (Seminar)

10th February (1)

What can the ocean tell us about climate change? (Guest lecture)

Week 07

15th February (2)

Alexis Reanna Lanza (Seminar)
EndNote 20 Workshop (Workshop)

Week 08

22nd February (1)

Kristoffer Prince (Seminar)

Week 09

1st March (1)

Marte Follesø Sønnervik (Seminar)

Week 10

8th March (1)

Natascha Bartsch (Seminar)

10th March (1)

Alger - vår fremtidige medisin? (Guest lecture)

11th March (1)

Data Management Plan WORKSHOP (Workshop)
Registration deadline: 10.03.2022 at​ 10:00

Week 12

22nd March (1)

Ingeborg Yddal (Seminar)

Week 14

5th April (1)

Jorunn-Elise Førre (Seminar)

Week 16

21st April (1)

Nanotechnology for the future and climate (Guest lecture)

Week 17

26th April (1)

Rodolfo Baldinotti (Seminar)

Week 19

10th May (1)

Anette Susanne Bøe Wolff (Seminar)

13th May (1)

Introduction to Data Management Plans (DMP) (Course​)
Registration deadline: 12.05.2022 at​ 10:00

Week 21

24th May (1)

Fatemeh Mazloumi Gavgani (Seminar)