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We encourage Master's Students in Biomedical Sciences to take parts of their curriculum at foreign educational institutions. The Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences is a partner in the Nordic Biomedical Master Network which includes four partner universities; The Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, Turku University in Finland, University of Eastern Finland and the University of Southern Denmark in Odense. As a student in this master's programme you may go on exchange to take courses at these partner universities, lab projects and also the experimental part of the Master's project. 

You can also go on exchange to other European universities where we have exchange agreements, see list below. 

If you want to take individual classes at a collaborative University, we advise you to do this your second semester. If you would like to do parts of or your whole Master project as an exchange student you will have to do this in your third and/or fourth semester.

Remember to apply before 1. September for the spring semester and 15. March for the fall semester. Please email us at med-ibm-studiesaker@uib.no in good time before these deadlines.


Department of Biomedicine welcomes exchange students from the University of Bergen's partners. The department offers a variety of courses in English at Master's (postgraduate) level in biomedical sciences (Choose 'Faculty of Medicne' in the upper right corner and look for BMED-courses in the list!).

International students also have the possibility of gaining visitatation rights to one of the department laboratories. This offer is aimed primarily at students from the department's collaborative universities:

Visitation stays with laboratory work is credited with 6 ECTS per month, for registered exchange students (Master's and PhD level) at the University of Bergen.

Welcome as an international student at the Department of Biomedicine!