The Department of Biomedicine


The Department of Biomedicine is located in Building for Basic Biological Research (BBB) ​​near Haukeland University Hospital

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You will find the reception on the 6th floor
opening hours 8:00-15:00
Phone: +47 - 55 58 63 00
Fax: +47 - 55 58 63 60
Birgitte de Martens, receptionist
Birk Nesset Øvereng, apprentice


Mathias Ziegler,  Head of Department
Frode Berven, Deputy Head of Department
Frits Thorsen, Deputy Head for Research
Arne Tjølsen, Deputy Head for Education
Janne Gotaas, Head of Administration

Academic affairs


Bianca Cecilie Nygård, head of academic affairs
Birgitte S. Hageseter, teaching schedules
Stian Krog, exams, student exchange
Astrid E Pettersen, anatomical donation program
Elisabeth Hjøllo Liland, anatomy
Trine Lunde, anatomy
Maria Diaz, anatomy
Ludmila Burdek, chemistry and biochemistry
Siri Tangen Aaserud, administration of master's programme in biomedical sciences, courses in chemistry and biochemistry

Financial and Research administration

Margarethe Bittins, PhD- and research coordinator, newsletter, webpages
Bente Elin Haugsvær, controller and fincancial officer
Inni Merete Offerdal Hernandez, financial officer
Karen-Sofie Schjøtt Olsaker, financial officer
Terese Togstad Tveit, financial officer
Saifon Maneesa, financial officer (temporary employee)
Michaël Marie, research adviser (The Faculty of Medicine)