The Department of Biomedicine

Research Units

The research at the Department of Biomedicine primarily focuses on fundamental medical, biomedical, and biological research questions. A large portion of our research serves as a foundation for clinical and more patient-centered medical research. In addition, we have increased our research portion in translational medical research and, to some extent, clinical research over the last years. We have strong research environments in areas such as cancer research, neuroscience, drug discovery, metabolism, disease mechanisms, proteomics, biomarkers, cardiovascular research, the relationship between the structure and function of macromolecules, as well as extracellular matrix biology.

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The Department of Biomedicine has 5 research units, with each unit further comprising several research groups. In total, the department consists of 22 research groups. All research units are listed below, and the research groups can be found by following the link below or the through menu “Research” above.