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Margareth Hagen to the Rectors` Advisory Group of COIMBRA

At the 2022 Coimbra Group Annual Conference in Padova, Margareth Hagen, the rector of the University of Bergen was elected to the Rectors` Advisory Group.

Margareth Hagen rector of UiB

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The COIMBRA Group is a leading association with roots back to the 1980's consisting of multidisciplinary universities of high international standard. It works toward influencing European education and research policy for the benefit of its members.

The Rectors` advisory Group consists of seven rectors from COIMBRA`s big international network of European universities, and the University of Bergen`s rector Margareth Hagen is one of them. They determine the network’s position on different policy areas and gives input to international decisionmakers within the EU and the UN. During the past year the Rectors` Advisory Group has among other activities participated in discussions about alternative examination methods in the new European Strategy for Universities, which the European Commission presented earlies this year. 

This is a great opportunity for the University of Bergen to continue the high level of international collaboration through cooperation and exchange between multidisciplinary universities.