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PhD Scholarships (earlier announcement from 2022)


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Date: February 15th 2022/revised April 9th 2022

Makerere University in collaboration with University of Bergen, Norway; Kyambogo University, Uganda; Uganda National Institute of Teacher Education (UNITE); and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences is implementing a six (6) years NORHED II supported project titled ‘Capacity Building for Research–Based Teacher Education – CABUTE’.

The main purpose of this collaboration is to enable successful implementation of the National Teacher Policy in Uganda through capacity building in the subject areas of English, General Education, Mathematics, and Music.

The specific objectives of CABUTE are:

  • To strengthen the quality and relevance of postgraduate teacher education and research program and methods in selected subjects
  • To strengthen postgraduate teacher educator education and research systems in the selected subjects
  • To increase competence and capacity of higher education faculty and teacher educators
  • To improve institutional small-scale infrastructure and equipment for education and research
  • To improve gender equality and inclusion of marginalized groups in teacher education and research in selected subjects
  • To increase opportunities for lifelong learning among teacher educators
  • To increase engagement with the Ugandan ministry of education and sports and other relevant stakeholders for dissemination of knowledge, among others

To achieve these objectives, CABUTE provides a total of four (4) PhD scholarships to promising scholars conducting their studies and research in one or a combination of the following subject areas:

  • English/English Education (one scholarship)
  • General Education/Foundations of Education (one scholarship)
  • Mathematics/Mathematics Education (one scholarship)
  • Music/Music Education (one scholarship)

The training of the four (4) PhD students will take place at Makerere University, with co-supervision from the University of Bergen and/or Western Norway University of Applied Sciences.

CABUTE especially invites interested candidates from our Ugandan partner institutions (Makerere University, Kyambogo University, and UNITE) to apply for the scholarships. If filled with well-qualified applications, Makerere staff will receive three scholarships, and Kyambogo staff will receive one scholarship. Well-qualified applicants from UNITE staff will be prioritized if the other two institutions lack well-qualified applicants. Applicants from other Teacher Training Colleges in Uganda may come into consideration if the CABUTE partner institutions are unable to recruit well-qualified applicants to the scholarships.

The PhD training will commence in September 2022 and will be supported financially for a period of four (4) years on full-time basis. The training is preferably under the existing PhD in Education at the Makerere University, College of Education and External Studies.


Applicants must:

  1. Be holding a relevant master's degree in one of the following subjects: English/English Education, General Education/Foundations of Education, Mathematics/Mathematics Education, or Music/Music Education  
  2. Be a Ugandan citizen, aged not more than 45 years
  3. Be able to stay in Norway for a period of one year during their PhD training
  4. Not be holding any other scholarship for PhD studies
  5. Demonstrate the ability to think creatively and work independently] 
  6. Be able to work in a team of researchers from Uganda and Norway
  7. Take on an education-related PhD research project in any of the fFour (or blend of the) subject areas named above, or a combination of two of these subject areas
  8. Be a tutor/lecturer in one of the Ugandan CABUTE partner institutions (Makerere, Kyambogo or UNITE) or another Teacher Training College in Uganda

Interested applicants should submit the following sets of documents:

  1. An application letter for scholarship for PhD studies
  2. A research Concept Note of maximum five (5) pages (see guidelines given below)
  3. A current CV (maximum five (5) pages), which includes a detailed description of previous education at university level (all courses and grades)
  4. A description of the applicant’s master thesis (topic, method, theory, results)
  5. A certified copy of the applicant’s Bachelor and Master’s degree/diploma
  6. Certified transcripts of grades from all courses at university level
  7. At least two (2) letters of recommendation from academic referees, signed and dated from 2022.
  8. Copy of appointment letter from the Education Service Commission, Ministry of Education and Sports, or proof of employment from own Head of Department/Dean.
  9. Citizenship Proof; copy of national identity card or passport
  10. Three recent passport size photos

The Concept Note must include:

  1. A description of the applicant’s research interest in at least one of the above subject areas, and of the topic of the applicant’s PhD project
  2. A description of the applicant’s background in this research area
  3. An account of the applicant’s motivation for conducting PhD studies
  4. A discussion on what outputs the applicant expects to realize through the PhD studies.

Application procedure/Deadline

All application documents must be zipped up into one file folder named Application for CABUTE PhD Scholarship.

The application with supporting documents should be submitted electronically on email to:

Dr. Paul Birevu Muyinda

Coordinator of CABUTE at Makerere University



Copies should be sent to:

Assoc. Prof. Steinar Sætre

Principal investigator for the CABUTE project, University of Bergen



Professor Buyinza Makadasi, Directorate of Research and Graduate Training, Makerere University

Overall Coordinator of NORHED II Programme at Makerere University


No hardcopies of application documents will be required due to the prevailing Covid-19 situation. Extended application submission deadline is Thursday April 28th 2022 at 5pm. Interviews will be conducted at an appropriate date to be communicated. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.


Selection Process

These are competitive PhD scholarships. The applications shall be vetted by a selection panel consisting of professors selected from Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Uganda National Institute of Teacher Education (UNITE), Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and University of Bergen in, Norway.

Admission for PhD Studies at Makerere University

The admission for PhD in Education with specialization in English/English Education, General Education/Foundations of Education, Mathematics/Mathematics Education, or Music/Music Education is independent of the scholarship award and hence candidates must follow the existing admission processes/regulations at Makerere University.

Successful candidates for the scholarship who are not yet admitted at Makerere University will be required to follow Makerere University PhD application procedure and secure admission before commencement of the PhD training in September 2022.

Improving equality and inclusion

The CABUTE-project is aiming to improve equality and inclusion of marginalized groups in teacher education, and women, members of ethnic and cultural minorities, and other marginalized groups are therefore strongly encouraged to apply.


More details

For more details on the different research areas, contact:

Assoc. Prof. Paul Birevu Muyinda, PhD
Coordinator CABUTE Project at Makerere University

Deputy Principal, College of Education and External Studies

Makerere University
E-mail: (paul.birevu@mak.ac.ug)


Assoc. Prof. Steinar Saetre

Principal Investigator for the CABUTE Project

Department of Education

University of Bergen

E-mail: (steinar.satre@uib.no)