CABUTE - Capacity Building for Research-Based Teacher Education

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Ugandan school close to Jinja

CABUTE is a 6 years project (2021-2026) for research-based capacity building in Ugandan teacher education under the NORAD-financed NORHED-II-programme.

The project is designed as a collaboration between professional teacher educators and researchers in Uganda and Norway, in response to an urgent demand for capacity development in the higher education system of Uganda. The project includes four different subjects in teacher education: English, General Education, Mathematics and Music.


CABUTE meets a strong need for more competence in Ugandan teacher education. This need is also addressed by the country's authorities in a Teacher Policy Program (2019). This document states that everyone who works in teacher education at BA level must have a minimum of master's competence. More than 80 per cent of tutors in National Teachers Colleges hold just a bachelor’s degree, yet it is these colleges that are now required to produce teachers at Bachelor of Education degree level. Uganda has an uphill task of upgrading the teacher educators across the whole higher education sector to the Master- or PhD-level and provide upskilling professional development training for university faculty to bring them up to speed with modern transformative pedagogies.

Tore Sætersdal at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda in spring 2013, at a stand with books and pamphlets on the Nile and research on water.

UiB sweeps NORHED II funding

14 projects from the University of Bergen have received funding for a total value of 290 million Norwegian kroner from the NORHED II programme.