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CCBIO Special Seminar

Open research seminar on Cancer-Related Vascular Biology

Open research seminar with speakers Michael Rogers and Bruce Zetter from Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Michael Rogers' talk: "Validation of Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2 (Antxr2/CMG2) as a Target for Small Molecule Antiangiogenic Therapy." Bruce Zetter's talk: "Drug discovery for treating metastatic cancers."

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Welcome to an open research seminar, hosted by CCBIO as part of the CCBIO/Harvard INTPART partnership, in the CCBIO Seminar series as a CCBIO Special Seminar. 

The seminar is part of a 3 week course in Cancer-Related Vascular Biology, but as an open research seminar for those who would like to attend the lectures by our Harvard colleagues, but do not do not have the opportunity to follow the entire course. It is open for all, and no registration is necessary. Join us for inspiring lectures, and informal discussions with coffee and refreshments during the break!

First speaker is Assistant Professor Michael Rogers from the Vascular Biology Program, Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.
Title: "Validation of Anthrax Toxin Receptor 2 (Antxr2/CMG2) as a Target for Small Molecule Antiangiogenic Therapy."
We have used non-toxic anthrax toxin subunits, antibodies, and knock-out experiments to demonstrate that interfering with the normal function of anthrax toxin receptors inhibits angiogenesis.  Thus, anthrax toxin receptors may be useful targets for anti-angiogenic therapy.  To identify small molecules that inhibit the anthrax toxin receptors, we have developed homogeneous fluorescence resonance energy transfer assays.  These assays identify molecules that inhibit the high affinity protein-protein interactions between PA and the anthrax toxin receptors, CMG2 or TEM8.  Both serendipity and screening of ~250,000 molecules has identified small molecules and natural product extracts that inhibit CMG2, endothelial cell migration, and angiogenesis in vivo.  We anticipate that derivatives of these may have utility as anti-angiogenic agents.

Second speaker is Professor Bruce Zetter, Boston Children's Hospital, and Charles Nowiszewski Professor of Cancer Biology, Surgery, Harvard Medical School. 
Title: "Drug discovery for treating metastatic cancers."
We have asked whether certain drugs may be more active against late-stage, aggressive tumor cells. To show this, we conducted a screen of 1100 known, drugs, approved for other indications and tested them on panels of related tumor cells that differed in their degree of aggressiveness. In a proof of principle, we found that certain known drugs had preferential activity against highly aggressive tumor cells, suggesting that such drugs would be good candidates for use in patients with late-stage, metastatic cancer. We have taken one of these hits and modified it to have greater activity against tumor cells and better bioavailability in vivo.  Our latest experiments reveal the mechanism of action of this new drug on tumor-relevant kinases and also suggest a new treatment modality for hormone-resistant prostate cancer.

When: Thursday September 20th 09:00-12:00:

09:00-10:00 Michael Rogers

10:00-11:00 Coffee, refreshments and discussion

11:00-12:00 Bruce Zetter

Where: Auditorium 4, BB-building, at Haukeland University Hospital campus.

You are all welcome!