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JUSS – CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium

Welcome to the first CCBIO Junior Scientist Symposium of the spring term 2021!

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Keynote speaker Hrvoje Miletic will introduce us to the exciting world of translational research in brain cancer: “Glioblastoma treatment resistance – is there a way out?”. Local junior researchers will present their intriguing findings in endometrial carcinoma, breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Additionally, we will hear reflections how cancer research is presented in media.

Join us for a perfect occasion for professional input and digital networking!

When: February 25, 2021, at 09:00-12:00. 

Who: All are welcome.

Where: Digital meeting in Zoom, so you can easily join from your home office!

Registration: Register within February 24 through this link. Access link for the Zoom meeting will be sent to the registered participants.

ECTS: Part of CCBIO901, with 3 credits (participation in the program through 2 terms.) All are however welcome for non-ECTS drop-in.


09:00-09:05:  Welcome

09:05-09:25:  Lise Ingebriktsen: “Identification of an age-related breast cancer gene expression signature with strong prognostic value”

09:25-09:45:  Katrin Kleinmanns: “CD24-targeted intraoperative fluorescence image-guided surgery leads to improved cytoreduction of ovarian cancer in a preclinical orthotopic surgical model”

09:45-10:00:  BREAK

10:00-10:45:  Keynote lecture by Hrvoje Miletic: “Glioblastoma treatment resistance – is there a way out?”

10:45-11:15:  BREAK

11:15-11:35:  Irmelin Wilhelmsen Nilsen: “Cancer, imaginaries and sensation journalism”

11:35-11:55:  Hilde Lien: “Multiplex analyses of tumor heterogeneity in low-risk endometrial carcinomas“

11:55-12:00:  Closing remarks

ChairsCornelia Schuster and Maria Lie Lotsberg.