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Falch lecture 2021

Falch Lecture by world-leading medical innovation expert Robert S. Langer

November 9, Professor Robert S. Langer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will present the Falch Lecture at a live streaming from MIT in Store Auditorium entitled "Creating and implementing breakthrough technologies in biotechnology and nanotechnology". Dr. Langer has been called "The Edison of Medicine", and he has an exceptional track record in science and innovation.

Portrait of Robert Langer with a background of a nanotechnology illustration.
Langer Research Laboratory, MIT/Colourbox.com/CCBIO

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Also keynote speaker at the CCBIO Annual Symposium next year

Dr. Langer was nominated to the Falch Lecture by CCBIO Director Lars A. Akslen and the Neuro-SysMed Director Kjell-Morten Myhr.

Langer has also accepted CCBIO’s invitation to present at the CCBIO Annual Symposium (in person), and this might happen in May 2022 (if the pandemic is no longer a problem). In 2019, Langer’s close collaborator Professor Omid Farokhzad at Harvard Medical School presented at the CCBIO Annual Symposium. His keynote address on Perspectives on how to translate biomedical research to products and cures was part of the distinguished Volterra lectures series organized by CCBIO’s partner Digital Life Norway (DLN) (see Annual Symposium).

The extended legacy of Dr. Judah Folkman

Langer’s career was significantly shaped during a postdoctoral fellowship with cancer researcher and surgeon Dr. Judah Folkman at the Children’s Hospital Boston and at Harvard Medical School from 1974-1977. The same Dr. Folkman was a great inspiration to Lars A. Akslen after his sabbatical at the Vascular Biology Program at Harvard in 2004-2005, ultimately leading to many collaboration projects and educational initiatives through the INTPART projects.

Inventor of innovative technologies

CCBIO is particularly motivated by Langer’s vast experience in turning academic innovations into medical products and technologies with great impact on lives and society, as he holds over 1.400 granted or pending patents, has founded or cofounded more than 40 biotechnology companies, including Moderna, and his students are now leading over 200 companies and research groups world-wide. He is one of the world's most frequently cited researchers and is particularly recognized in biotechnology, especially in the fields of drug delivery systems and tissue engineering.

Langer's research laboratory at MIT is the largest biomedical engineering lab in the world, maintaining over $10 million in annual grants and over 100 researchers. He has received numerous prestigious awards in recognition of his work and is currently #222 at the Forbes list.

Live streaming of the lecture November 9

Be sure to register for the live streaming from MIT in Store Auditorium of the lecture November 9, 2021 at 17:00 - 18:00 (Store Auditorium, Haukeland University Hospital). The lecture will be followed by a social event at Eitri Medical Incubator, organized by Eitri, CCBIO and Neuro-SysMed.

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