More knowledge will reduce teenage pregnancies

CISMAC project in Zambia to be presented at the Christie Conference in Bergen

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Ingvild Sandøy will present the CISMAC research project in Zambia at the Christie Conference in Bergen, 19 April. 

“Demography” is the theme for this year's conference, whisch will focus on demographic changes on a global and local level, and the challenges that these changes imply.

The goal of the project Sandøy will present is to increase the proportion of girls who complete junior secondary school and to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. Currently, it is estimated that as many as 35 per cent of Zambian girls from rural areas have experienced at least one birth by the age of 18. The project was awarded NOK 25 million from the Research Council of Norway. 

The Christie Conference is a meeting point for business and the arts, government and academia, and the most important meeting point between academia and civil society in Western Norway. Approximately 350 participants will attend the conference at the Peer Gynt Hall in Grieghallen in central Bergen.