Department of Clinical Dentistry

PhD Candidates at the Department

The Department of Clinical Dentistry has around 30 PhD candidates.

All PhD candidates are attached to one of the four research groups at the department:


  • Melanie Ostermann "Biological effects of engineered nanoparticles used in medicine and dentistry: High-throughput toxicity studies"
  • Christian Schriwer "Optimal Design for Zirconia Dental Crowns"
  • Anneli Skjold "Dental all-ceramic crowns - factors predicting clinical success"

Oral infections and inflammations

  • Kathrin Beyer "The periodontitis – rheumatoid arthritis connection: What are the pathogenic mechanisms behind the association?"
  • Mohamed Ali "Biological responses to Bioceramic Materials: in vitro and in vivo studies"
  • Zrinka Hercigonja Matkovic "Orthodontic tooth movement and involvement of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors (VEGF's)"

Clinical dental research

  • Trine Lise Lundekvam Berge "Treatment With Polymer-Based Dental Materials:Exposure to Bisphenol A and Effects on Pregnancy Outcomes"
  • Magnus Holmøy Bratteberg "Traumatic dental injuries —prevalence, severity and risk factors along the life course. A study among 16-year-old pupils in Hordaland, Western Norway"
  • Xin Feng "Radiographic analyses of maxillofacial morphology and respiratory function in orthodontic patients with hypertrophic adenoid"
  • Johannes Maria Fischer "Juvenile idiopathic arthritis with temporomandibular disorder and its correlation to clinical pain and imaging markers"
  • Zhanna Gaulen "Quality of life, employment, social relationships, and housing situation among heroin dependent poly-drug users"
  • Elisabeth Grut Gil "Juvenile idiopathic arthritis with temporomandibular disorder and its correlation to clinical pain and imaging markers"
  • Kjersti Gjerde "Adherence and treatment outcome of oral appliance treatment for obstructive sleep apnea"
  • Siri Flagestad Kvalheim "Towards improving oral palliative care in terminally ill patients: A study on the efficacy of oral moisturizers"
  • Randi Lynds "Potential Benefit and Radiation Risk of Conebeam Computed Tomography in Children with Impacted Maxillary Canine"
  • Irene Ness "Oral helsekunnskap, holdninger og praksis blant foreldre med innvandrerbakgrunn i Norge"
  • Elisabeth Schilbred Eriksen "Surgical treatment of mandibularprognathism"
  • Lutango Daniel Simangwa "Oral health and oral quality of life of adolescents in a Maasai population area in Tanzania"
  • Tine Birkeland Sivertsen "Oral helse hos barn med medfødt hjertefeil"
  • Victoria Xenaki "Safety of Nanomaterials used in Dentistry: Perception of dental health care workers on nanosafety and in vitro nanotoxicity studies"
  • Ulrik Leidland Opsahl "Acoustic pharyngometry to improve the treatment effect of oral appliances in obstructive sleep apnea patients"

Tissue engineering

  • Samih Ahmed "A Comparison of Human Adipose and Bone Marrow Stem Cells Using Polymer Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering, in vitro and in vivo"
  • Hassan Abdel-Raouf Ali "Induction of pluripotent stem cells from different sources: a new frontier for bone tissue regeneration"
  • Ingeborg Elisabeth Carlstrom "Tissue engineering in alveolar perimplant defects"
  • Cecilie Gudveig Gjerde Gjengedal "Jaw bone reconstruction using a combination of autologous mesenchymal stem cells and biomaterial prior to dental implant placement: Clinical and experimental studies"
  • Maryam Alizadeh Gharaei "Characterization of biological and molecular responses of conditioned medium in regenerative dentistry"
  • Øyvind Goksøyr "Incorporation of demineralised dentine matrix into bomateriaI scaffold to promote mineral tissue repair"
  • Mohamad Nageeb Hassan "Printable Customized Composite Scaffolds: Designed and Characterized for Alveolar Bone Regeneration"
  • Espen Helgeland "Development of a novel approach for temporomandibular joint cartilage regeneration"
  • Olav Inge Larsen "Gingival recessions. Oral health care providers knowledge and treatment outcome"
  • Siddharth Vivek Shanbhag "Human gingival and periodontal ligament stem cells for bone regeneration: isolation, clinical-grade expansion and osteogenic differentiation"
  • Jannika Paulamäki "Development of a novel 3D printed hydrogel for tissue engineering applications"
  • Neha Rana "To assess the safety and efficacy of mesenchymal stem cell based therapy in bone regeneration procedure" 
  • Shuntaro Yamada "Effects of mechanical modulation on osteogenicity of mesenchymal stem cells and bone regeneration in a 3D environment"