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Participation of PER-IADR and hatton Award Winner to Shuntaro Yamada

Group members in the Tissue Engineering group at the University of Bergen participated in PER-IADR Oral Health research Congress in Marseille, France, between 15 and 17 September, 2022. IADR is the world largest dental research association, and PER-IADR is its European division, and there were participants not only from Europe, but from America and pan-pacific Asia regions.

Price of Hatton Award
Kamal Mustafa
Kamal Mustafa

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The conference took place in one of the most beautiful landmark of the city, Palais du Pharo, where the participants enjoyed the historic building with beautiful architectures and a view from the terrace. From the group, the leader and professor Kamal Mustafa, together with Professor Vesterhus Strand, chaired a symposium “Stem Cell in Bone Regeneration: Future is now” where the latest knowledge about bone biology and potential of stem cell application for oral and maxillofacial reconstruction were shared by experts in the field. 
Over 60 researchers were gathered for the symposium and active discussion was conducted. The symposium was sponsored by the University of Bergen from EU project: Maxibone Project.

In addtion, our Ph.D candidate Shuntaro Yamada, presented his work with a title “Osteogenic Profile of Mechanically Stimulated Mesenchymal Stem Cells” on podium in a Stem Cell Session. He also got the hatton Award for young reseacher in NOR section.