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Research leader, Cecilie Gjerde makes new bone material grow using the patient's own stem cells.
Exciting news is brewing in our research community! We’re thrilled to announce that the work by a researcher at the Tissue Engineering group, Shuntaro Yamada, has been featured as the Best Scientific Image of the Month on Nature.
It is about bones, stem cells and growth factor stimuli in tissue when dentist and postdoctoral fellow Siddharth Vivek Shanbhag explains his research. Last week he received Helse Vest's Young Researcher award, for the studies he is doing on the regeneration of bone defects.
The Workshop “New Approach Methodologies for NanoSafety” and the “NanoBioReal” Project meeting were held in Bergen on March 30th and March 31st, 2023. Safety assessment is essential for the successful implementation of scientific breakthroughs in nanomaterial science and nano-enabled technologies that address global societal challenges.
PhD-candidate Anders Røsland presented the topic "Can pulmonary disease be prevented in the dentist's chair?" at The National Convention for the Norwegian Dental Association. At the Department of Clinical Dentistry, University of Bergen, a clinical study is in progress investigating whether treatment of periodontitis affects lung function and lung inflammation.
Congratulations to Ragnhild E. Krage (to the right) and Margit Hågå who won the student research price at the Norwegian Dental Association Meeting (November 2023). Here they are together with the president of the Norwegian Dental Association, Heming Olsen-Bergem.
Åshild Johansen, a PhD candidate in the Tissue Engineering Group, represented the University of Bergen and gave a talk at the National Convention for the Norwegian Dental Association in November 2023. The title of the talk was, “New Biomaterials for 3D-Printing of Bone”, where she presented some of her newest results.
Cecilie Gjerde, dentist and specialist in oral surgery and oral medicine, held a presentation at Bioteknologirådet on how she builds new bone for patients using stem cells. Gjerde is a former winner of the research dissemination award Forsker Grand Prix and works as an associate professor at the Department of Clinical Dentistry at the University of Bergen.
Research advisors at the Faculty of Medicine have recently launched a new portal for researchers applying for external funding.
Tiny nanoparticles are found in everything from toothpaste to paint, but how harmful are these particles to humans? On March 30th, UiB is organizing a workshop on nanosafety where this will be put on the agenda.
Friday 21. October Mohamad Nageeb Hassan has defended his thesis for PhD-degree at University of Bergen with a title “3D-printed Synthetic Polymer Templates for Bone Tissue Engineering: Bulk Modifications and Osteoconduction Assessment”
Group members in the Tissue Engineering group at the University of Bergen participated in PER-IADR Oral Health research Congress in Marseille, France, between 15 and 17 September, 2022. IADR is the world largest dental research association, and PER-IADR is its European division, and there were participants not only from Europe, but from America and pan-pacific Asia regions.
On 25th august, we held our grand opening for TOR.
Shuntaro Yamada received Meltzer Research Fund