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Members of the Tissue Engineering group participated in the 13th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Network Conference held in Oslo.
Members of the Tissue Engineering group participated in the 4th Nordic Young Scientist Conference in Odontology held in Tuusula, Finland.
Members of the Tissue Engineering group participated in the 94th IADR General Session in Seoul, Republic of Korea.
Cecilie Gudveig Gjerde from the Tissue Engineering group won the national final of the Researcher Grand Prix.
Master student Wegdan Hamed Nasser successfully defends her thesis entitled: "Development of 3-D printed scaffolds for bone regeneration".
Cecilie Gjerde and Salwa Suliman from the Tissue Engineering group received prizes for their research.
Dr. Ines Kutzner has received funding from the Research Council of Norway to investigate mechanisms behind loosening of knee prostheses
Vibeke Ansteinsson defended her PhD thesis on biological responses to particles and monomers used in dental filling materials
‘The Tooth Bank’ at the Department of Clinical Dentistry received substantial grants from Tannlege Einar Bergersens Legat for 2013
Zouhir Ekeland Allouni defended his thesis on titanium dioxide nanoparticles and cellullar interactions, with the assistance of video conferencing
Characterization of mechanical properties of natural and synthetic biomaterials
The US - Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange welcomed and honoured the 2012-13 United States Fulbright grantees to Norway at the Nobel Institute in Oslo August 9th
There will be held Election to the Department Board at The Department of Clinical Dentistry
MSc in biomedical physics at BioMatLab
Long Giang Nguyen investigates properties of nylon-based materials
Projects related to particles from implants
Paula, Ashley and Amy are exchange students in Dentistry. This fall they have chosen to leave their universities to spend a semester at the University of Bergen.
On Friday November 5, a joint dental research day for anyone interested in dental research will be arranged at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.