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Pioneering diabetes study

Nature Genetics: Researchers from the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research has contributed to a groundbreaking diabetes study in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics. Here we show for the first time that rare mutations that destroy the gene SLC8A30 ger strong protection against the development of type 2 diabetes.

- This discovery is very exciting, as it is the first protective genetic factor you know stop type 2 diabetes, says professors Stefan Johansson and Paul Njølstad who led the Norwegian part of the study. In one treatment perspective, this can be a catalyst for better treatment. SLC8A30 gene is a so called zinc transporter in the insulin-producing cells and the findings indicate that zinc metabolism may substitute a potential new target for the development of drugs to combat type 2 diabetes.

Loss-of-function mutations in SLC30A8 protect against type 2 diabetes

Jason Flannick et al.

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